Custom Mirrors by Glass Doctor of Belleville, IL

When making a gallery wall or attempting to find the finishing touch for your home, look no further than Glass Doctor of [franchise:location]. Our glass specialists recommend Custom Mirrors to brighten and enlarge your home. Proper placement of mirrors can create the illusion of depth in cramped spaces and lighten up dark areas in your home.

Glass Doctor specialists are courteous and professional, with years of experience to back them up, and provide clients with an array of custom glass solutions to reflect your personal style. Our specialists will walk through the entire process with you, from the conception of the customized mirror to the installment in your home.

Why Choose a Custom Mirror?

There are four main reasons that Glass Doctor of Belleville, IL suggest getting a custom mirror:

1. They Enhance Your Homes Natural Light

Mirrors reflect natural and artificial light back into the room, creating a brighter, more welcoming room. These are especially helpful in rooms without windows, because a few specifically placed mirrors can illuminate a dark, cramped space.

Below are some of the ways that you could use mirrors to achieve this effect:

  • Mounted Mirrors: These Mirrors magnify the amount of illumination created from lamps, lanterns or other light sources.
  • Bedroom Mirrors: Glass Doctor can custom fit any mirror to go on top of your dresser, attached to the back of closet doors, or over the bed.

2. They Emphasize Your Home’s Personal Style

Show off your home’s existing artwork with custom mirrors made to your precise specifications. Glass Doctor of Belleville, IL gives you choices from a variety of edges, finishes, tints, and frames to create a one-of-a-kind mirror.

Some ways to use mirrors as a decorative piece are:

  • Mirrored Shelves: Showing a 360-Degree view of collectibles, books, pieces of artwork or antiques, these shelves are a modern statement for any home.
  • Framed Mirrors: Perfect for almost every application, framed mirrors can fit in a gallery wall, be a statement piece for any room. If you have a frame, Glass Doctor will cut the mirror to fit it!
  • Hanging Mirrors: Strategically hung mirrors can shine a light on specific items in a room, and Glass Doctor specialists will help to find the best place to hang and install your mirror.

3. Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

By placing mirrors strategically in your home you are able to open up your home and create the illusion of large rooms with open and airy structures. With the use of tiled, framed, or unframed mirrors the contours and architecture of your home will be emphasized. Contact Glass Doctor of Belleville, IL to talk through your options on custom mirrors.

Below are the top ways to inject the illusion of space into your home:

  • Mirrored Backsplash: This unique and contemporary style will not only create depth in your kitchen but also show your creative flair.
  • Mirrored Walls: Make small and cramped hallways or rooms appear much larger with this statement piece.

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There are many places in your home that mirrors can go, from your bedroom to your living room to your kitchen. Don’t wait to find the perfect mirror for your home. Contact Glass Doctor of Belleville, IL today to schedule an in-home consultation and your perfect mirror can come to you.