Clear Choice Protectant

Clear glass is beautiful glass. Clear Choice™ from Glass Doctor® of Western North Carolina keeps glass and other hard surfaces in your home cleaner. The proprietary solution creates an invisible barrier that repels water, oil and contaminants, making a surface more resistant to etching, stains and scratches. A single application lasts up to five years and will significantly reduce hard water stains, soap scum and lime buildup, so you don't need to use dangerous chemicals or hard scrubbing to clean. Add Clear Choice to glass shower doors, sinks, toilets, stone countertops, auto glass, windows and more.

Proactive Glass Care

Acid, minerals and contaminants in water wear and stain hard surfaces if you don't constantly clean them. Harsh chemicals designed to dissolve the buildup that water leaves behind aren't always effective, might etch surfaces and negatively affect your indoor air quality. Clear Choice is an environmentally safe treatment that prevents the formation of unsightly hard water spots and rust stains that are a battle to eliminate, so you don't have to clean as often. When you do clean, you can use products that are safer for your family and the environment. Clear Choice works well on glass and other silica-based surfaces, such as porcelain, tile, granite and marble.

Benefits of Using Clear Choice

  • Clean less often
  • Use gentler cleaning products
  • Improved resistance against scratches, stains and impacts
  • Prevent surface etching
  • Reduce the growth of harmful organisms, such as bacteria and mold
  • Maintain the beauty of your hard surfaces with minimal effort
  • Newly installed surfaces in the home, like glass shower doors, keep their like-new appearance longer

Proactive Glass Care Application

To maximize the benefits of Clear Choice, a specialist from Glass Doctor of Western North Carolina should always apply it to the surfaces in your home. Steps for applying the proactive glass care treatment include:

  • Protecting your home using drop cloths
  • Cleaning and drying the respective surface
  • Testing the surface to ensure that it is ready
  • Applying one coat of Clear Choice
  • Testing the first coat's effectiveness
  • Applying a second coat of Clear Choice
  • Washing the protected surface and cleaning the work area

When our glass expert finishes, we will teach you how to maintain the protected surface to maximize the treatment's effectiveness. The beautiful surfaces in your home deserve to shine. The Clear Choice proactive glass care treatment makes this simple. Get in touch with Glass Doctor of Western North Carolina to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn more.