Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Asheville, NC

Enhance your business recovery plan in Asheville and the surrounding communities with the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Asheville. When you enroll in our Advance Measurement system our team of experienced glass specialists will arrive at your location and prepare a customized plan for the future repair and replacement of your damaged glass.

We will professionally measure each pane of glass in your business including windows, doors, display shelves and other glass furnishings. Based on the location of the panes a specialist will create a numbered diagram of your facility. We will then record the type of glass required, measurements and any special needs like tinting, edging and custom finishes. When your next glass emergency happens, simply give us a call and we will replace your damaged panes more efficiently.

Enjoy Faster Emergency Repairs

Our unique Advance Measurement system enables us to provide you with faster glass replacements and repairs so your business stays safe, secure and functioning. When your business suffers from broken glass call Glass Doctor of Asheville and report the number from your diagram that corresponds with your damaged piece. Our specialists will match the number with our records and check stock availability. If your particular pane is in stock we will replace it immediately, saving you the hassle of a board-up. If it's not in stock, we will order the pane and send a board-up team to temporarily repair your damaged window or door. As a final service, our specialist will clean up the debris to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Have it in Stock

If specific areas in your facility suffer from frequent glass breakage in the Asheville area, we can keep the panes you need in stock so they will be ready to go when your next glass emergency strikes. Avoid unnecessary board-ups and enjoy timely repairs when you pre-order your frequently damaged panes.

Benefits of Advance Measurement System

  • Money savings: Time is money, and when you enroll in our Advance Measurement system your installation can often be completed in a single trip due to our comprehensive repair plan.
  • Convenience: Faster repairs mean your business can enjoy uninterrupted daily transactions.
  • Safety and security: Keep your business secure and prevent injuries to your employees and customers with our immediate response team.
  • Credit: Pre-establish credit and eliminate possible billing conflicts.

Contact Glass Doctor of Asheville today and protect your business before disaster strikes with our Advance Measurement system.