Emergency Home Glass Services in Asheville

If you find yourself in need of emergency glass repair service in the Asheville area, don't hesitate to call Glass Doctor® of Asheville for immediate repair day or night. Though each case is different, it's not an exaggeration to call a broken window an emergency. While minor window damage might not be a life or death situation, it exposes you and your property to risks.

Broken Window Effects

  • Safety: The first factor to address any time you're dealing with broken glass is safety. If a window or other type of glass panel is shattered, there are likely pieces remaining in the frame that pose a serious risk. Modern glass resists this to some degree, but sharp, jagged edges are still a possibility. Even if the glass didn't shatter, cracked glass is dangerous due to its weakened structure. This is true regardless of the type of glass, but it's especially applicable to large, glass panels, such as those found in storefronts and picture windows.
  • Security: A broken window is an invitation to burglars and thieves looking for an easy target. Since you don't want your family to sleep in a home that's vulnerable broken windows should be treated as a security emergency. 
  • Protection from the elements: Windows form a barrier between a structure's interior and the world outside. Even a mild storm can cause serious damage when interiors are left exposed. In the case of hot or cold weather, a broken window will quickly make indoor conditions uncomfortable and drastically increase energy bills.

24/7 Response

Windows don't wait for a convenient time to break. That's why Glass Doctor of Asheville glass specialists are on call around the clock. We'll respond quickly to restore your safety, security and protection from the elements so you can enjoy your home.

Emergency Board Up Service

While our goal is to make repairs quickly on our initial visit to your Asheville home, that's not always possible since it's impossible to carry every type and size of glass on our trucks. What we do promise is we won't leave until the window is at least boarded up and properly sealed to ensure safety and property protection. Afterward, we'll return as quickly as possible to complete the job.

If your Asheville home or business needs emergency window repair, a Glass Doctor of Asheville glass expert is only a phone call away. Don't lose a minute of sleep worrying about something we can take care of with a minimum of hassle and expense.