Storefront Doors

Commercial storefront care is critical to the success of your company. Appearances are important, and your storefront should present an inviting, attractive exterior. Your customers and employees should not only feel safe in your environment, they should be safe, too. That's why Glass Doctor® of Arlington, TX offers several levels of beautiful, customized glass and mirror windows and doors that include a variety of safety features.

Storefront Doors

Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX specialists are not only trained in industry-best practices for glass and mirror repair and replacement, we can also check your doors' hardware and provide preventive maintenance for maximum performance. Bulletproof and fire-resistant glass that is the proper weight is important, and a malfunctioning or difficult-to-work lock on your storefront door may cause misalignment that can make the door movement difficult or even dangerous. This poses a safety hazard because your door should open easily, stay open as your customers or employees enter, then close gently behind them with no sudden movement. Our Door Closer Repair Service offers regular inspections and maintenance for your storefront doors.

Security Film

Commercial storefront care includes window tint and security film that can be inconspicuous or add a pop of color, complementing your storefront decor. Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX can apply this security film coverage and if breakage occurs, the glass will cling to the film, reducing the chance of harm to pedestrians and customers. It also serves as another barrier for threatening weather and its strength makes it difficult for vandals to bypass.

24/7 Emergency Services

If breakage occurs, one phone call, any time, day or night, sends the Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX team of first responders to your property. We will board-up the damage site, securing it against weather and vandals. We will then clean the area of any glass shards or debris that could pose an injury risk to your customers, employees and pedestrians. If your business has taken advantage of our Advance Measurement program, we could possible effect the glass repair and replacement in one visit, saving you time, money and eliminating the confusion that a board-up causes.

Glass Care in Arlington, TX

Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX is a Tarrant County company that strongly supports business-to-business patronage. You can depend on us for the best quality craftsmanship and fair pricing. Call (972) 685-6824 or schedule an appointment for more information about a commercial storefront care program for your property. Contact us to schedule an on-site consultation!