Auto Glass & Windshield Care

A damaged windshield undermines the safety of the vehicle and disrupts visual clarity for the driver. This creates many unnecessary hazards. Glass Doctor® of Arlington, TX offers comprehensive glass repair and installation services to cover all your auto glass care needs including mirrors, sunroofs, windshields, side windows and back glass.

Windshield Care

Investing in auto glass repair or replacement following damage to a windshield is critical. At least 45% of a vehicles structural integrity relies on the windshield during a front end collision and that number rises to 60% in a rollover. For the majority of repairs such as chips in the glass or cracks, damage is repaired in an hour. Insurance providers usually pay for these repairs in full and to further make matters easier, we will handle the paperwork.

In the event that a new windshield is needed, our specialists will order the glass you need for your specific vehicle. Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX is a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ and adheres to all of today's best industry practices when conducting a new windshield installation or auto glass repair. We will always select panes matching the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) and use industry standard adhesive.

Auto Glass Replacement

While laminated glass is potentially hazardous when it breaks, tempered glass shatters into large chunks that are less dangerous to you and passengers. The vast majority of vehicles today utilize tempered glass to improve safety. This glass cannot be safely repaired in many cases. Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX will replace tempered glass quickly allowing you to get back on the road with confidence. Vehicles typically have tempered glass in the:

  • Sunroof
  • Quarter glass
  • Back windshield
  • Windows

Our dedicated specialists offer comprehensive consultations that include an accurate, up front cost estimate. Also, we work with most auto insurance providers and will even complete the paperwork on your behalf to expedite the process.

Auto Glass Protection

With every windshield replacement Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX includes a Windshield Protection Plan, which covers your vehicle against typical road hazards for up to 12 months. New windshield wipers and a hydrophobic coating glass protectant are also available. Our hydrophobic coating glass protectant is made to alleviate issues with water stains, scratches, mineral deposits, pollutants and more. Keep your investment safe from harm for years. Driver visibility is also improved with a hydrophobic coating during inclement weather like sleet or rain.

Contact Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX to schedule your auto glass repair or windshield replacement. Alternatively, fill out a quick service request online for immediate assistance. Our glass specialists have years of combined experienced performing auto glass repairs and are always happy to help.