Commercial Door Closer Service

In business, first impressions are a critical component of the customer experience. If a customer struggles with your door, they will not feel welcome. Glass Doctor® of Arlington, TX will restore your building with a comprehensive door closer repair service. Our team will keep your door in proper working order, so your customers will always feel welcome.

Door Closer Repair

The first step of door closer repair service is an evaluation of your needs. Door closer issues can be categorized in several different ways according to the cause of the problem.

The Door Slams into the Frame

One of the most common door closer problems is a door that slams into the door frame, creating an unexpected noise. The sheer volume of the sound is jarring to consumers and immediately makes them feel tense. The problem is usually the result of one of two common issues. First, the tension arm of the door closer may have become loose and needs to be readjusted. Second, the closer may be too weak to handle the door's weight, even when the closer is as tight as possible.

The Door Does Not Close

Slow closing doors are problematic because they allow outside debris and sound to enter your business, which could violate your city's building codes. When the tension is too strong or a door is too light for the closer, the mechanism cannot move as designed. Our team can perform a full analysis of your door closer to find the correct fit.

Poor Frame Fit

Ignore door closer repair long enough, and you will encounter frame damage from the violence of the door, which ultimately causes the frame to warp. The door is unable to close properly and may become jammed when you try to lock it. This problem leads to safety and security issues, leaving locks and entrances vulnerable to tampering. Our team investigates the door and the frame, and we can assist with framing issues if your door is unable to close.

Door Closer Service

The comprehensive door closer service at Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX includes:

  • Tension adjustment for the needs of the entrance
  • Proper alignment of the lock within the frame
  • Replacement of broken seals and o-rings
  • Lubrication of the door closer mechanism

There are many moving parts in a door closer mechanism, and the system is very delicate. An untrained person who attempts to fix the door closer may void the warranty or destroy the door closer by accident, so it is always recommended to use a professional for your door closer repair. Our team at Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX is well trained and experienced with door closer installation. Contact us today to schedule an on-site evaluation.