Clear Choice Protectant

Every home deserves the kind of protection that keeps it looking its best. For your glass, porcelain, stone and tile surfaces, a layer of Clear ChoiceTM glass treatment and protectant can keep surfaces looking great and make them easier to maintain. From windows, sinks and toilets to countertops and a variety of other surfaces, Clear Choice is great protection that reduces the need for excess cleaning efforts. Glass Doctor® of Ann Arbor, MI, offers Clear Choice treatments. A call to our specialists and an application will make your home easier to maintain while keeping all your surfaces beautiful.

Protect Your Investment

Hard water, minerals, soap, environmental pollutants and weathering can take a toll on your glass, porcelain, tile, granite and more. Each damaging factor causes different results. Your surfaces will gather stains, scum, deposits, wear and scratches unless you have an effective barrier. Professionally applied Clear Choice acts as a shield that makes surfaces scratch, stain and water resistant. A single application can last up to five years, providing a protective layer makes cleaning easier than before. While Clear Choice is best known for its glass treatment uses, it can also be used on many different surfaces in just about every room of the house.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Savvy homeowners utilize every tool available to keep their homes pristine and to save precious time. Clear Choice helps to restore, protect and maintain surfaces. Plus, Clear Choice comes with a variety of benefits. A single application of Clear Choice can:

  • Make surfaces water and oil repellent
  • Reduce the need for cleanings
  • Prevent the formation of mold and bacteria
  • Create a stain, impact and scratch resistant surface
  • Add a layer of shine
  • You can feel good about using Clear Choice too, it's environmentally friendly. Your bathroom, kitchen, office and other rooms with surfaces will benefit with Clear Choice. Keep your home beautiful and reduce the time you spend cleaning by contacting Glass Doctor of Ann Arbor, MI, today to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation.