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In-Home Consultations

Looking for glass shower doors in Ann Arbor that align with your new bathroom aesthetic? We can help! Glass Doctor delivers a glass shopping experience that inspires from all angles and from the comfort of your own home. With your renovation clock ticking, a convenient in-home consultation is just what the doctor ordered. Openly discuss design, budget and everything in between, plus glass samples for extra clarity and confidence in your final decision.

With our superior glass expertise, we address any issues such as cracks, chips or insulation breakdown in an easy-to-understand, neighborly way. A 1:1 consultation with a Glass Doctor service gives you a clear picture of trending glass shower door styles, upfront costs and efficiency options that you may have researched for months.

We’re glass services, so transparency is everything. Our expert advice on glass maintenance, custom shower solutions and installation expectations goes hand in hand with your unique design process. Whether your bathroom is due for an upgrade or a creative new look, don’t just trust the process, trust the glass shower professionals.

Excited to see how a professional shower door installation can transform your bathroom? Contact Glass Doctor in your Ann Arbor community today and schedule your in-home consultation.

Choose Your Glass Shower Door Style

Keep in mind, choosing the right glass shower door can be a process, but we try to keep it personalized and positive. We know narrowing down your options gets you closer to welcoming peace and tranquility back into your daily shower routine. Whether privacy is at the top of your wishlist, or you want a luxury look, Glass Doctor is here to help get you started.

Find the glass shower door style that suits your unique Ann Arbor space:

Framed Shower Doors:

  • Doors that have a metal frame around the entire glass panel. The frame provides structural support and may come in different finishes.
  • Pros: Sturdy, affordable, available in various styles.
  • Cons: Visible seams, risk of wear and tear on hinges and rollers, difficult to replace.

Frameless Shower Doors:

  • Made of thick glass without the need for a metal frame. They provide a sleek and modern appearance.
  • Pros: Elegant design, easy to maintain, visually open up the space.
  • Cons: More expensive, limited design choices, regular glass cleaning.

Sliding Shower Doors:

  • Two or more panels that slide past each other on tracks.
  • Pros: Space-saving, easy to operate.
  • Cons: Less attractive, risk of leaks, requires regular maintenance.

Pivot Shower Doors:

  • Hinged at one side and swings outward or inward. Often used for alcove or corner showers.
  • Pros: Modern look, easy to clean.
  • Cons: Water splashing, accessibility concerns, complex installation.

Bi-Fold Shower Doors:

  • Bi-fold doors consist of panels that fold in on themselves, creating a space-saving option.
  • Pros: Suitable for small bathrooms, unique folding design.
  • Cons: Visible folding lines, seal breakdown, limited opening.

Customized Glass Shower Doors

We offer custom glass shower door options in Ann Arbor that reflect our excellence in innovation as well as craftsmanship – making it easy for you to focus on how your bathroom looks and feels.

Whether you’re updating broken glass shower doors or taking on a wall-to-wall makeover, choosing custom glass shower door options can make a huge statement:

  • Tinted Glass: Ideal for those searching for privacy with a personal touch.
  • Rain Glass: A perfect glass texture for a natural rain shower feel for a spa-like aesthetic.
  • Patterned Glass: The ultimate art statement for your bathroom available in a spectrum of designs and colors.
  • Etched Glass: Personalization designed to make a memorable impression.
  • Frosted Glass: The perfect balance of privacy and filtered light.
  • Hammered Glass: The ideal custom finish for a rustic aesthetic plus added privacy.
  • Clear Glass: Simplistic design that is focused on openness and space.

Whatever type of glass shower you choose, our professional team is committed to your positive experience, from start to finish. We believe by focusing on quality as well as customization, we can deliver inspired glass solutions, no matter the project scope.

Professional Shower Door Installation

A woman, man, and male Glass Doctor service professional  standing in a bathroom inside of her home, and examining a glass shower door.

With us, a professional installation is a standard practice. Installing shower doors is what we do to serve, but our process is how we care for our customers. Our glass services in Ann Arbor are meticulous while keeping industry best practices close at hand and your preferences top of mind. From taking precise measurements to finishing touches, you can feel confident that every installation sets the standard of excellence, every time you work with us.

Communication is actually one of our specialties. We work within your window of availability, finding the best day and time for installation — giving you regular progress updates every step of the way. We treat your home like our own and keep it clean and safe during and after completing our work. After a quick review of maintenance tips, your new glass feature is ready to enjoy.

Why Choose Glass Doctor?

Still shopping around for the best glass service in Ann Arbor, MI? It’s clear that customers who choose Glass Doctor for all their home, auto and business glass needs, know that we provide an unmatched level of quality, service and satisfaction.

You’ll love that we are an award-winning, specialized glass company with a full-circle approach to glass repair, replacement as well as installation. Glass Doctor is the trusted vendor in your area who has hands-on experience in the glass industry with a national network of resources and convenient locations.

Broken windshield? We’ll come to you. Outdated glass shower? Check out our samples. It’s simple: Whatever glass solution you need, it’s our pleasure to style and service your home, car, or business. Ready for our signature in-home consultation? Schedule yours today.

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