Double Pane Windows

There are many things you can do to transform your home into a more peaceful, tranquil space, but one of the most effective is cutting noise invasion through window repair by Glass Doctor® of Ann Arbor, MI. Indoor noise issues are often overlooked, but can create stress, adding unneeded tension to your busy life and household. To dampen the noise level and insulate your home from the atmosphere outside, consider modern double pane windows. If your current double panes are no longer doing their job, call Glass Doctor of Ann Arbor, MI for replacement.

Why Do Older Double Pane Windows Fail?

double pane window

If you have old double pane glass in your home’s windows or glass sliding doors, you may need to upgrade due to cracked windows. Even with no cracks, seals on double pane windows fail over time. This causes energy bills to increase along with the indoor noise level. To enjoy the best sound dampening effects and create a more comfortable and energy efficient home, allow Glass Doctor of Ann Arbor, MI to evaluate your windows. Our glass specialists will fix your double pane windows or suggests another energy efficient solution for your home. 

Do Your Double Pane Windows Need Replaced?

If your double pane windows no longer benefit your home, a replacement may be necessary. When condensation appears between the panes of your window, call Glass Doctor of Ann Arbor, MI. Our specialists will fix your faulty seal, restoring the clarity of your home’s window.

Benefits of Insulated Glass Units

IGUs provide two or more glass layers with insulating spacers, filled with a desiccant (moisture-absorber) or a "super spacer"(warm-edge glass spacer). Krypton or argon gas may be added to provide additional insulating effects. IGUs:

  • Help insulate the house for sound, creating a serene living environment.
  • Decrease your home's interior heat gain from outdoors in summer.
  • Make heating and air conditioning systems run less often, saving you energy and money on utility bills.

Insulated Glass Replacement

At Glass Doctor of Ann Arbor, MI, we offer many insulated glass options for window replacement. In many cases, our glass specialists can install insulated glass replacements in existing window frames to lower replacement cost.

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Keep the frame, replace the glass.