Advance Measurement System

When commercial glass breaks, utility expenses and security risks immediately go up. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Ann Arbor, MI, know how important it is to restore your glass installations as soon as possible. Our proactive glass care plans include the Advance Measurement system, which makes it easier to recover from unexpected disasters and get back to business. Take advantage of our proactive Advance Measurement system to enjoy the following faster repairs at your Ann Arbor business.

Plan Ahead with Detailed Records

When you sign up for Advance Measurement at Glass Doctor of Ann Arbor, MI, we will send a specialist to your business to measure all your commercial glass installations. We will create a diagram of your whole store, including the precise dimensions and custom features of each glass installation on your property. We also establish your contact and payment information, making it easier to schedule quick repairs or replacements.

Save Time and Money on Repairs

Our mobile repair unit is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for on-the-spot repairs. We don't want your business to be exposed overnight, so we respond to all emergency repair requests on nights and weekends. Our after-hours service includes cleaning up the shards and boarding up the exposed opening. With an Advance Measurement plan, this whole process will be faster and easier because we will already have the information we need to completely repair the entire unit.

Opt for Same-Day Replacements

Some businesses prefer to skip the board-up altogether, and Advance Measurement makes it possible to plan ahead and enjoy same-day replacements. If you don't want your curb appeal to suffer while you wait for replacement glass, opt for our in-stock replacement program. We will keep identical panes in stock at all times, preventing the need to interrupt business or compromise your store's seal. As soon as a pane breaks, a glass specialist will reference your diagram and retrieve the corresponding glass from our inventory.

Protect Customers, Employees and Property

Thanks to our Advance Measurement system, the people on your property won't be exposed to sharp shards or security risks because of broken glass. And your inventory won't be subjected to outdoor elements or vandals. Broken window and door glass may expose your property to the same risks, especially if you sell valuable goods. Customer and employee injuries increase your liability risks too, so make sure you invest in a proactive glass care plan that protects everyone at your business.

The Glass Doctor of Ann Arbor, MI, team truly cares about protecting and preparing other local businesses by keeping their glass intact and attractive. We know that you cannot prevent every accident, but our proactive glass care system is a great way to stay one step ahead and make sure damage doesn't derail your transactions. Contact us today to schedule your Advance Measurement inspection. We will send a specialist to help you increase your protection before disaster strikes.