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Tempered Glass | Window Replacement Guide

Before you choose replacement windows, you might want to consider replacing the glass. It's a lot cheaper and just as efficient. Using tempered glass in windows increases the strength of the pane and can be a great option when replacing your windows.

Types of Glass

There are two common manufacturing methods for glass:

  • Annealed
  • Tempered

Annealed glass is usually the most common in your home and is probably used in most of your windows. Tempered glass is stronger glass. It's best known as safety glass, because if it were to break, it would break into dull cubes instead of jagged shards.

So the question is, do you need to replace your windows with tempered glass?

Do You Need Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is very strong and if it broke, it would be safer for your home and family.

However, tempered glass doesn't offer any additional climate control properties. So its primary value in replacement windows is safety. It's also more expensive than annealed glass.

Replacement Windows or Window Panes?

Before you replace your windows, give Glass Doctor a call to see if you can simply replace the glass. Replacement windows aren't cheap. If you can simply replace the glass in one or both of the panes, you'll get the same result for a less money.  

If you have issues with condensation between the panes of your insulated glass windows, it indicates a broken seal. Normally replacing the glass and the seal is a simple procedure that doesn't mean you have to buy a new window. Check out other reasons why you should replace your windows.

Reasons to Replace Tempered Glass Windows Infographic

Other Window Replacement Options

If you do need to replace the window, we can help you with that, too. New insulated glass windows, with double or even triple panes, are one of our specialities. They have a significant impact on your energy bills and keep your home free of drafts.

Another option is Low-E windows. The latest in window technology, they also offer energy savings plus noise reduction.

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