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One-Way Mirror Glass Windows | Privacy & Security

Two-way mirrors (also referred to as one-way mirrors) are types of glass typically used for security and privacy purposes for businesses. These complex mirrors are unique and only available through a select number of glass companies.

How Do One-Way Mirrors Work?

Originally called transparent mirrors, one-way mirrors were patented in 1903 by Emil Bloch, a resident of Cincinnati, Ohio and a subject of the Emperor of Russia. Transparent mirrors are made when a thin metallic, reflective coating has been applied all over the glass.

This thin coating is referred to as a half-silvered surface because the reflective molecules in the coating make the mirror half opaque. This makes it so if the lighting hits the mirror, half the light is reflected back (the mirror part) and half shines through (the glass part).

Because of this, no true one-way mirror exists. In order for one-way mirrors to work effectively, one side of the mirror must be brightly lit and the other side must be dim or dark. Think about the one-way mirrors you've seen on TV, perhaps on an investigative show. Most interrogation rooms are brightly lit, while the authority on the other side is in dim lighting.

High Quality One-Way Mirror from Glass Doctor®

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