Home Window Tinting

Certain windows allow the rays of the sun to increase your home’s temperature. Glass Doctor® of Virginia Beach provides home window tinting services as an affordable option for upgrading your windows, improving your home’s energy-efficiency and keeping your decor safe from sun damage. Our team will also apply tints to new or existing glass pieces, such as tabletops, doors or shower enclosures.

The Benefits of Home Window Tinting

There are several benefits of home window tint. Window tints are available in various patterns and colors to fit with your home’s decor. Some tints are removable, and can be replaced when you are ready for a new look. Window tinting increases privacy, adding to the appeal and value of your home.

Along with the decorative benefits, window tint also improves your home’s energy performance. Window tinting reflects the sun’s heat, keeping your home cooler. This means that your HVAC system does not have to work as hard to keep your interior cool and comfortable. During the winter, window tints minimize heat loss, so your home stays warm and toasty.

Another benefit of window tinting is reduced UV damage. Window tints block the UV rays that cause fading and discoloration to your carpets, drapes and furniture.

Safety and Security

Security film looks similar to window tinting. This dark-colored film provides greater privacy and makes it difficult for others to look into your space, while still allowing you to look out. Security film also clings tightly to glass, minimizing the likelihood of creating dangerous glass shards in the event of a home invasion, storm or accidental window break.

Sun Control

Home window tinting by Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach will reduce your visible light transmission levels. Some tints block up to 90% of UV rays, protecting your decor and your family. Reduced glare will also make TV viewing and window gazing more pleasurable.

Home Window Screens

At Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach, we will help you find the perfect window screen for your home. Home window screens provide a barrier, which reduces your cooling costs and protects your home from insects. Adding window screens are a great option for homeowners who enjoy keeping windows open.

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