Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Infuse an undeniable piece of elegance and sophistication in your dining room or family room with custom glass tabletops from Glass Doctor® of Virginia Beach. Our custom glass decor is second to none in quality as well as design. Reach out to our team today to begin designing a custom piece for your home.

Use Our Glass Expertise to Your Advantage

Our experts offer decades of experience helping homeowners choose the optimum custom glass decor. Everything starts with a complimentary in-home consultation, which includes taking accurate measurements for your custom pieces. Your specialist will guide you through the process and explain your options for thickness, edgework detail and glass tint, while avoiding safety issues associated with heavier pieces.

Superior Custom Glass Decor

While most people choose custom glass tabletops for dining room tables, it's also an ideal solution for conference room tables, coffee tables, antique furniture and writing desks. We offer a wealth of shapes, edges and sizes to truly make the piece your own.

Add Protection to Custom Glass Decor

Make your new glass piece last longer with Clear Choice™, our exclusive glass treatment. Our specialists apply the treatment to shield your pane from daily wear. Using tinted glass adds an extra level of protection from the sun to prevent furniture and fabric fading. We also give our clients the option to bolster the security of poolside pieces and patio tables with safety glass. We also offer laminated and tempered glass designed to protect you and your family from glass breakage.

Dynamic Custom Shelving

Custom shelving is excellent for adding form and function to your home. Unlike any other custom glass decor, custom shelves first purpose is to add functionality to the space. Customizing your shelving ensures your belongings fit the space without sacrificing style.

Stunning Visual Appeal

Glass shelves are great additions to bathrooms but make upstanding decor options for living rooms. The classic element of glass combines with the functionality of shelving to create an elegant decor piece. We offer a wide array of style options so you never settle.

Superior Function

Custom shelving is the perfect solution for infusing style, organization and creativity into any residential or business space. The experts at Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach are trained to ensure your custom shelves are the perfect fit by considering:

  • Style and function to bolster ambiance
  • Number of shelves to prevent overpowering the space
  • Height and configuration to increase space utilization
  • Distance between the shelves to avoid having items that are too large or tall to fit
  • Color and tinting options to match your existing decor and style

Instead of settling for out-of-the-box, store-bought shelving, contact the experts at Glass Doctor of Virginia Beach online or at (757) 495-6514 today for an in-home consultation.