Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

A gorgeous glass shower door serves as a mood and tone setter for any bathroom. The shower anchors the room and directs the light, making the entire room look more polished. A modern bathroom with a full shower or tub enclosure can also greatly increase the resale value of a home. You'll enjoy using it for the years you live there and will be able to recoup your costs when you sell the house. Glass Doctor® of Bell County offers every type of shower door and tub enclosure for Temple homeowners from simple framed shower doors to custom glass enclosures.

Before you begin the process of designing a new or upgraded shower or tub enclosure, our glass team will walk you through the following aspects of the project.

  • Configuration: You must figure out whether your walls are made of tile or drywall and where the supporting studs are housed within the wall. These factors help our glass specialists calculate the maximum glass weight that the walls in your bathroom are able to support.
  • Shower heads: The fixture you choose must not be able to spray water out of the shower or tub while the water is running.
  • Measurements: Allow time for our glass specialists to take measurements before starting the renovation project. Getting the proper measurements help avoid delays during the installation process. With the measurements in hand, the Glass Doctor of Bell County team will provide accurate costs for materials and installation.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is key for any bathroom. Without ventilation, moisture builds up, which leads to mold growth and paint peeling, particularly for bathrooms with sheetrock ceilings. During an initial consultation, our glass specialists will conduct a ventilation evaluation. If you'd like to improve the ventilation in your tiled shower enclosure, you will have the option of getting glass steam room kits installed.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Many homeowners don't have any idea where to begin their upcoming shower door or tub enclosure installation or remodeling project. Glass Doctor of Bell County offers several resources to help you gather ideas while you research various options. 

Glass Doctor of Bell County is here to serve all Temple homeowners. When you're ready to start designing your new tub enclosure or remodeling your existing shower, contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation. Our glass experts will help you decide which type of tub enclosure or glass shower door is the best fit for your bathroom style and structure. Fill out an online form or call us to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.