Advance Measurement System

Be proactive and plan for the unexpected with Glass Doctor® of Bell County Advance Measurement System. This cutting-edge business contingency plan ensures your business is protected in the face of an emergency.

Our Proactive Approach

The Advance Measurement system is a proactive glass care plan that protects the integrity of your business. Everything begins with a survey of your business by one of our glass experts. We create an intuitive diagram by documenting all glass panes, mirrors and specialty glass in your business. Each piece of glass is assigned a number. In addition to the size of the glass, we record the type of glass and any additional safety glass code requirements as well. We keep a copy of the diagram and leave a copy with you.

Be Prepared in the Face of an Emergency

When glass breaks in your business, simply call our team and report the number of the damaged pane using the diagram. Regardless of the time of day or night, we'll quickly match the number with a suitable panes from our workshop. If we have the glass in stock, we'll quickly dispatch an expert to your business to immediately replace the window without ever using a board up. We complete the entire installation in one visit, which saves time, money, and protects the integrity of your brand.

Take our Advance Measurement plan one step farther by pre-establishing your contact and credit information. This allows us to further expedite the replacement process.

In-Stock Glass Solutions

If your business has glass that breaks regularly, use our proactive glass care solutions to pre-order the specific glass. We'll ensure this glass is always in stock, so it's ready to go whenever you need it. The panes are held exclusively for your establishment, so you never need worry that another business will take your glass.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

The Advance Measurement plan is one of the smartest things you can do for your business. Although you may not know when, accidents and unfortunate events will happen. By enrolling in proactive glass care, you will enjoy:

  • Reduced liability and reduced risk of a customer or employee being injured.
  • Savings from having a complete installation in a single trip.
  • Convenience from uninterrupted daily business transactions.
  • Enhanced security and protection from vandals and nefarious individuals.
  • Brand protection by not having board ups.
  • Fewer billing conflicts from having pre-established billing.

Protect your business before a disaster strikes. Contact Glass Doctor of Bell County for proactive glass care today.