Emergency Business Glass Services

Broken glass in your business isn’t just an eyesore; it represents very real safety and security risks. The best door locks and alarm systems are ineffective when you have a gaping hole in the side of your building. In addition, you can be held financially liable if a customer injures themselves on the broken glass shards. Glass Doctor® of Bell County provides emergency commercial glass repair that protects your site, products, staff and customers.

Advanced Measurement System

Waiting for replacement glass prolongs commercial glass repair. Miscommunication between yourself or your manager and the service company often results in delivering the wrong glass to the site. Glass Doctor of Bell County offers a simple solution to make emergency glass repair simple, our Advanced Measurement system. The Advanced Measurement system uses a diagram of your site to facilitate communication between your staff and our service expert. When you sign up for the system, we send one of our commercial glass repair specialists to your site to assess the situation. The expert catalogs every piece of glass in your store. Next, your expert carefully measures each piece, so when a pane breaks we know the exact type and size you need. Finally, our team numbers the location of each piece of glass and provides your site with a copy. Once we complete our survey, any time you need glass repair service all your staff must do is reference the pane number and we’ll arrive on site with a piece that’s ready for installation. Should a pane break that we don’t carry in stock, our mobile team will board up your broken window, clean and secure the site, so you can get back to business.

Commercial Care Benefits

At Glass Doctor of Bell County, our commercial clients receive the highest level of service. We provide:

  • Around the clock service for your emergency needs
  • Dedicated specialists for your business
  • Discounted prices for commercial work and board-up services
  • Commercial invoicing

Signing up for a Commercial Care account allows you to forget about your broken glass, and focus on your business.

When you need emergency glass services at your business, make Glass Doctor of Bell County your first call. Fill out our online contact form or call us at (254) 773-0244 to schedule an appointment today.