Home Window Tinting

Windows are more than a shield from the outside world. At Glass Doctor® of Bell County in Temple, our home window tinting options make your panes more functional to give you the custom look you deserve. To help you navigate through the variety of options available, our specialists are happy to provide you with a complimentary in-home consultation to pair you with a tint that meets your budget and needs.

Advantages of Home Window Tinting

  • Improved energy performance: Window tints keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. When your home experiences fewer energy losses, your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable.
  • Reduce sun damage: While natural light is the best for your home, sunlight is notorious for fading and discoloring items. This is bad news for your drapes, hardwood floors, artwork and pieces of furniture. Home window tinting can block up to 90% of UV rays, giving your property and investments added protection and a longer life.
  • Increased privacy: Give your home extra privacy without the need to close the blinds or draw the shades. Use tints on street-facing windows, glass doors, bathroom windows and bedroom windows.
  • Diversity: Glass Doctor of Bell County offers window tints in different colors and with an assortment of textures, patterns and decorative features. Glass specialists can install them on new or existing windows, as well as other pieces of glass in the home, such as shower enclosures. Window tints adapt to your aesthetic preferences and are simple to remove and replace when you want a new look.

Home Window Security Film

Security film is similar to home window tinting, but it upgrades the security of glass. The security films at Glass Doctor of Bell County are impact and tear-resistant, so glass shards are less likely to scatter throughout a room upon impact. Like our window tints, security film comes in different shades and offers UV protection for added privacy and sun protection.

Security film also gives the glass pieces in your home an added layer of protection. We can apply it to glass cabinets, shelves, doors, shower enclosures and tabletops.

Home Window Tinting for Sun Control

Window tints give you the ultimate control over the amount of visible light that enters a room. The tints at Glass Doctor of Bell County have visible light transmission levels ranging between 5 to 70%, with the ability to block up to 90% of UV rays. Use darker tints in rooms with south-facing windows, or in entertainment rooms and offices to reduce the glare on TV screens and monitors. Glass Doctor of Bell County also installs solar shades, which provide extra privacy while allowing natural light to enter a room.

Home Window Tinting for Home Decor

The selection of window tints available at Glass Doctor of Bell County complements the exterior design of your home and its interior decor. Use them to create the upgraded look you seek. Choose a darker tint, for instance, to give your windows an upgraded feel. Or, add privacy to your bathroom without sacrificing natural light with a frosted tint.

Contact Glass Doctor of Bell County in Temple to learn more about home window tinting selection and to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Home Window Screens

Tired of paying high energy bills? Do you want to open the windows, but not let the bugs in? Give a home window screen a shot from Glass Doctor of Bell County! Home window screens are a great way for those looking to reduce energy costs and protect their families from harm. Put us to work for you by asking about our home window screens. Call Glass Doctor of Bell County today to learn more!