Custom Mirrors by Glass Doctor of Bell County

There's no better decor addition than a well-placed mirror. Whether you opt to use large, stand-alone mirrors or arrange them in creative, eye-catching groups, custom mirrors amplify light, expand walls and break up visual clutter. The custom mirror specialists at Glass Doctor® of Bell County offer local homeowners an impressive selection of custom-designed mirrors, which will visually enhance any interior or architectural style. We always provide our clients with unmatched customer service and product expertise.

Mirrors for Every Purpose

Mirrors reflective properties make them a useful design tool. A mirror will reflect light, brighten interior color schemes and create space. Our specialists will help you determine the best mirror based on your design desires.

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

Whether used as a finish material on walls, hung over a fireplace or placed in unique frames, a custom mirror can immediately transform a room from small to expansive. Far from being utilitarian objects, mirrors offer an elegant, yet inexpensive way to create the illusion of space. Consider decorating these rooms with custom mirrors:

Accentuate Your Art and Home Decor

Mirrors, like fine art and treasured collectibles, should be carefully placed to blend with other pieces in your home. The experts at Glass Doctor of Bell County will create a custom piece to add to your collection. We recommend these mirrors to enhance your existing artwork:

Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

The key to making the most of a room's light lies in pairing the right mirror with the right location. Our team will help you determine the best design to disperse light. We recommend these locations to brighten dark spaces:

Mirrors Made to Impress

Over-sized mirrors are a decorator's dream because they add light, drama and height to any area. Don't limit their use to small areas, they are a wonderful way to define specific areas in larger rooms. Opt to add these mirrors to add intrigue to a room:

Call the custom mirror specialists at Glass Doctor of Bell County to discuss the various mirrors options for your home. We will deliver beautiful pieces and unsurpassed customer service. Set up your no-obligation consultation today!

  • Small rooms: Try placing a large framed mirror on a wall across from a window to enlarge and brighten a small room.
  • Living room: Update the standard mantle by hanging two large, unusually-shaped mirrors side by side.
  • Kitchen: Using mirrors as the backsplash will add interest and depth to your counter.
    • Hanging mirrors: Hang a long or full-length mirror horizontally to brighten and widen a narrow hallway or entry.
    • Framed mirrors: Place a decorative mirror behind a grouping of your favorite collectibles to reflect and add depth to your collection.
    • Mirrored shelves: Install mirrored shelves to create an ethereal visual that reflects light and attracts the eye.
    • Opposite windows: Hang one or more large custom mirrors opposite French doors or large windows to increase natural light.
    • Closet doors: A walk-in closet rarely have windows, we recommend hanging a mirror on the door to view outfits and bolster lighting.
    • Statement mirrors: Hang a custom mirror in a prominent place to make it the focal point of a space.
    • Framed mirrors: Boldly frame a mirror to draw attention to the piece.

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