Storefront Doors

Your business' storefront is the first part of your building customers and prospective clients see. It's the public face of your operations. Proper commercial storefront care ensures that you send the right message and make a good impression. Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast makes caring for your storefront simpler with comprehensive solutions designed to save you time and money. Whether you manage a single commercial space or several, our dedicated glass specialists will ensure the glass components on a property make your business memorable for the right reasons.

Commercial Storefront Care

Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast has a multitude of high-quality solutions for all your glass-related needs, from storefront windows to auto glass for your fleet. If your business is on a busy street, improve the building's energy performance and reduce outside noise by upgrading to double or triple pane windows. The high-efficiency units reduce heat transfers throughout the year, keeping your employees and customers more comfortable. Personalize your storefront glass with the logo, hours of operation and other important details of your business. A great storefront establishes trust and demonstrates pride in the services you perform.

Specialty and Security Glass

Give your storefront an extra level of strength by installing security glass. The types of specialty glass at Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast include bulletproof, fire-resistant and tempered glass. Hurricane-impact safety glass is great if impacts are a concern. High-efficiency units deliver energy savings and added comfort. Glass experts can also add glazes to glass panes to enhance their performance and give you peace of mind.

Economic Upgrades

If you want to improve the performance of your windows without replacing them, consider installing security film. The film is available in a variety of tints and is tear-resistant, making windows more difficult to break. Also, they give the interior of the building added protection against UV rays, making the sun less likely to fade and discolor your property.

Custom Options

Make your commercial space stand out from the competition with custom glass pieces. Our commercial storefront care includes expertly crafted pieces made to your exact specifications, such as mirrors, display cases, decorative door glass and tabletops. Add a tint, edge style or pattern to give the pieces a unique, personal touch. The Glass Doctor of the Sunshine Coast team will develop custom decor suited to your space.

Emergency Storefront Care

Broken storefront glass is a security hazard that could bring your business to a halt. Minimize the losses that broken glass can cause by contacting Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast as soon as a break occurs. Glass specialists are standing by seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to conduct emergency repairs. Before you need our emergency services, participate in our Advanced Measurement system to receive priority and expedient glass repair services.

Serving Halfmoon Bay, Wilson Creek, Sechelt and the surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast is proud to offer comprehensive commercial storefront care solutions that enhance your building's look and function. Learn more by scheduling an on-site consultation.