Door Closer Repair Service

When new customers walk into your business, a door that fails to open or close improperly will leave a lasting memory. Make a perfect first impression with door closer repair and maintenance services from Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast. When your doors are working properly, you'll be sure your customers and employees are safe and that they are happy to return again.

Safe, Efficient Operation

Many commercial doors are heavy and difficult to operate. A door closer allows people to easily open a door, and then automatically pulls the door completely closed in a controlled manner. This ensures doors do not suddenly close and injure anyone, and that the door closes completely to keep out the elements.

Door Closer Repair

There are many reasons why your door closer would need attention, but your best solution for any issue is to call the experts at Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast. We fix: The wrong closer: The heavier the door, the stronger your door closer must be. If your door closer is too strong, it could cause the door to swing too quickly and damage the door or injure the operator. A weak closer will fail to close the door completely and could lead to higher energy expenses. Improperly installed closers: The right closer will only work if it has been installed properly. Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast specialists will correct installation errors to prevent doorframe damage and misalignments. Damaged closers: From broken seals to low oil levels, a door closer that has failing parts is an accident waiting to happen. Our specialists have the tools and the knowledge to tackle everything from missing screws and broken rings to complete replacement.

Protecting Your Investment

Performing door closer repair yourself or letting an untrained person work on the closer could lead to voiding the manufacturer's warranty. Our specialists are highly trained to repair or replace every type of door closer, so you are sure that you are getting the highest quality work. We will also repair and replace damaged door frames, door glass, hinges and other hardware.

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