Custom Mirrors

Adding custom decor to your home creates a more comfortable, appealing setting that you'll enjoy spending time in every day. Well crafted custom mirrors are sure to impress family and friends. Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast has ample experience creating custom glass solutions which match clients' specific styles and tastes. When you're in need of top-notch original mirrors, we cut and install pieces to your specifications.

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

A mirror is a simple, effective way to make a small living space appear open and inviting. Position a mirror to reflect the walls and ceiling or the natural light from the windows. We offer framed mirrors to highlight the contour and architecture of a home, showcasing its best qualities. A Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast specialist will provide an in-home consultation to determine the best locations for mirrors in your home.

Placing mirrors strategically in your home will make any otherwise small space seem much more open and inviting. By reflecting the ceiling, walls and natural light from windows, an entire room or hallway will be transformed into something beautiful and inviting. By using either tiled or framed mirrors, the architecture and contours of your home will be highlighted like never before. Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor today to receive an in-home consultation to find out the best locations to place mirrors.

A few of our most popular custom mirror options are:

  • Statement mirrors: Position a one-of-a-kind mirror above a headboard or fireplace.
  • Mirrored backsplash: Bring depth and interest to your kitchen or washroom.
  • Mirrored wall: Give a small or cramped hallway the illusion of length.

Accentuate Your Home Decor and Art

A mirror cut to your specific dimensions will draw attention to your existing art and custom decor. Choose from an extensive selection of edges, tints, frames and finishes to match the style of your home. As you review varying designs, keep the following options in mind.

  • Hanging mirrors: When positioned correctly, a hanging mirror will pull natural light into the room, showing off prized art pieces.
  • Framed mirrors: A framed mirror makes a perfect addition to a gallery wall filled with framed photos and art.
  • Mirrored shelves: Provide a stunning 360-degree view of your favorite antiques, art pieces, sculptures or collectibles.

Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

There is nothing quite as pleasing as natural light. Mirrored tabletops and hanging mirrors extend the reach of the natural light in your home. For areas of your living space without windows, strategically placed mirrors will stretch the artificial light sources, brightening up dark areas. Consider the following types of mirrors to enhance the natural and artificial light in your home:

  • Floor to ceiling mirrors: Floor to ceiling mirrors are perfect for trying on multiple outfits for an important occasion or everyday use.
  • Framed mirrors: Take the sophistication level in your washroom up a notch with a unique custom mirror complete with a distinctive frame.

To learn more about our custom decor and the other glass pieces we provide, schedule your in-home consultation online or call 604-966-2324 to make an appointment.