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Clear Choice Protectant

Imagine the time you'd save if the hard surfaces in your home were simpler to clean and stayed clean for a longer period. While this might sound like a dream, Glass Doctor® of St. Joseph, MO can make it a reality with the Clear ChoiceTM surface protectant. The proprietary solution forms a transparent barrier on hard surfaces, including glass, tile, porcelain and stone. This treatment repels water and contaminants found in it, such as oil and minerals. When residues can't stick to surfaces easily, you spend more time enjoying your life and less time cleaning. Because a single Clear Choice application lasts up to five year, Buchanan County residents use it on surfaces like shower doors, windows, auto glass, sinks, toilets, tiles and countertops.

Clear Choice Advantages

Cleaning is a part of home care, but chemicals cleaners come at price to you and the environment. When you find a product that works well, you have to take precautions to ensure the chemicals don't do more damage than the contaminants you're trying to eliminate. Stop spending money and precious time on solutions that pollute your home and don't work. Safeguard your family's health and turn to Clear Choice instead. The surface protectant is environmentally friendly. Because the treatment repels contaminants found in water and oil, you needn't use harsh chemicals to clean your surfaces.

In addition to its environmental and cleaning benefits, Clear Choice is ideal for maintaining hard surfaces in your home. The surface protectant makes treated items more resistant to mineral buildups, stains, weathering and scratches. If you select to add the solution to your surfaces, you never need to worry about the consequences of daily use and water exposures. We our confident our product will improve you home.

Applying Clear Choice

To achieve the best results, a specialist from Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MO will apply Clear Choice to the surfaces you wish to protect. After applying the surface protectant, the glass expert will teach you how to maintain the treated surfaces.

We follow a simple procedure to apply Clear Choice to your pieces:

  • Protect the area around the surface
  • Clean and prepare the surface
  • Apply one coat of Clear Choice and check its effectiveness
  • Apply a second coat of the surface protectant
  • Clean the treated surface and area around it

Maintain and restore the beauty of the hard surfaces in your home with Clear Choice. Learn more about the benefits of the surface protectant by scheduling a complimentary in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of St. Joseph, MO.