Industry Glass Services for Central Illinois' Commercial Businesses

Glass Doctor® of Central Illinois cares for the panes of the businesses in Springfield and the surrounding areas. We will repair, replace and remodel glass fixtures. We offer premium custom glass services throughout Lincoln, Taylorville and Springfield. Clients enrolled in our Commercial Care program, enjoy emergency 24/7 service, special discounts, a personalized account setup and a 15% discount on auto glasswork. No matter your business, trust your panes to our professionals.

apartment windows

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor of Central Illinois repairs and replaces windows, patio doors, glass panels and mirrors. We install safety glass in gym facilities and pools. We also offer all residents 15% off on custom glasswork on cars. These services ensure residents enjoy living at your complex and you never need worry about any panes on the premises.


Restaurants have a variety of panes that need expert care and repair. We provide plate glass, windows, mirrors, glass tabletops and outdoor fixtures suitable for any eatery. In addition to repairing or replacing your glass, we also install decorative panes, tinted glass, atriums, sliding drive-thru windows and sneeze guards. Good glass guarantees an easy to clean establishment, which makes running your business easier.

Schools and Universities

Classroom windows and doors are only a few of the items we repair in schools. From meeting the requirements of science laboratory glass to desktops and display cases, our custom glass services cover the board. We also shore-up your school’s safety using panes resistant to fire and bullet damage. Add protective coating to your panes to make certain they outlast your students.


Every business must look their best to entice customers to enter; Glass Doctor of Central Illinois provides extensive custom glass services. Ask our team to create display cases, glass shelves, dressing room mirrors, safety glass walls and other glass installations to spruce up your space. We also offer custom glass styling, such as etching, beveling and staining, to personalize every piece. Minor custom additions make a world of difference to shoppers.

Hotels and Motels

The custom glasswork options Glass Doctor of Central Illinois offers are comprehensive. Many guests desire a space that is comfortable and luxurious, glass additions answer these wishes. Decorative mirrors and glass shower doors add a sense of luxury to the space many guests do not experience outside of your hotel. Ensure guest comfort with double pane windows throughout the building.

Cities and Municipalities

We work with local towns and municipalities on public and commercial glass projects. We specialize in retrofitting low-emissivity (Low-E) and double pane windows, which can significantly reduce energy and maintenance bills. Creating a more comfortable public space also reduces the cost to the public. These benefits will make every taxpayer happier.

Glass Care for Every Business

Glass Doctor of Central Illinois is the leading team of glass professionals in the Springfield area. We offer repair and replacement services that most businesses and properties desperately need. We will work with you to find custom solutions for your glass replacement projects. There is no job too daunting or too small for our team. Feel free to give us a call or contact us through our online service request form for a consultation. We have the services and skills that are right for you.