Door Closer Repair Service in Central Illinois

Your entry says a lot about how you conduct business. When you have a door closer that’s in disrepair, it can send the wrong impression to the people who walk through your door. Since initial contact is essential to a good customer service experience, enlist the experts at Glass Doctor® of Central Illinois to assist you with manual door closer care services. By investing in door closer repair, your customers get a great experience from the moment they walk through the door.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers work by taking the struggle out of pushing a heavy commercial door open. A door closer that’s working correctly will create a slight initial resistance as the user applies pressure, but after a moment, it will smoothly glide open using a system that includes an arm mechanism, spring and oil. Once the person walks through they simply let the door go, which allows it to return gently back into the frame.

Door Closer Repair

Incorrect Types of Door Closers: The heavier the door, the stronger the spring needs to be. Doors with improper closers will lead to damage, safety risks and misalignments.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers: It takes knowledge, experience and the right tools to perform a job correctly. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Central Illinois have the proper equipment and know-how to get door closer care services done right. Let our experts install, adjust and maintain your door closers, which will maximize their lifespan and prevent damage, unexpected movements of the door and misalignments.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels: The oil and seal in your door closer play vital parts for it to work properly. When seals are broken or the oil level is off, it can cause the door to open or close too quickly, damage hardware or be a source of potential injury to users.

Door is Difficult to Lock: Locks that aren’t functioning right pose a threat to your business’s security. It can also cause damage to the door frame and door closer.

Door Closer Care Services

Maintaining your door closer not only extends its life, but can also keep the warranty intact when done by a professional. Our specialists at Glass Doctor of Central Illinois perform a wide range of door closer care services. Keep your door closer working well and safely with a regular repair and maintenance program, or by replacing your existing door closer with a new one. Let us help you with door frames, hinges, thresholds and all your entry glass needs as well. Contact Glass Doctor of Central Illinois to schedule an onsite consultation.