Custom Mirrors in Central Illinois

Instantly brighten a room and give it added dimension with the addition of custom mirrors. The design services at Glass Doctor® of Central Illinois provide you with unique glass pieces made to your exact specifications. From mirrored tabletops to specialty mirrors for workout rooms, the customization possibilities for your Springfield home are endless.

Custom Mirrors Enhance Living Spaces

When placed in the right spots, mirrors make spaces appear larger and brighter. Take your home decor a step further by framing custom mirrors or tiling them along a wall. The glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Central Illinois cut mirrors into the shape you desire to give a room added depth. For ideas about how to use mirrors in your home, schedule a complimentary consultation.

Ideas for using mirrors in your home:

  • Large mirror along a wall: Use a large, long mirror in a hallway or small room to make the space appear bigger and brighter.
  • Focal piece: Place a large mirror on fireplace mantle or above a headboard, and give it added appeal with a custom edge.
  • Tiled mirrors: Have glass specialists tile mirrors within a large frame that you hang as a piece of art. Use tiled mirrors to create a modern backsplash in a bathroom or kitchen.

Custom Mirrors as Decorative Accents

Mirrors are wonderful for complementing and highlighting artwork and existing glass decor. Glass Doctor of Central Illinois offers a variety of finishes, tints, edges and frames to complete the look of your custom mirrors.

Examples of decorative mirrors for your Springfield home:

  • Creative mirrors: Instead of a traditional rectangular mirror, custom-order a mirror in a unique shape. A mirror shaped like a large splash of water and smaller mirrors cut into droplet-like shapes is perfect for a child’s bathroom.
  • Hanging mirrors: Use mirrors to direct natural or artificial lighting toward artwork.
  • Framed mirrors: Add interest to your photos and hanging art by hanging mirrors alongside them. A group of framed mirrors on a wall looks lovely, too.
  • Mirrored shelves and cabinets: Give your fine art a 360-degree view. Museums use this technique around sculptures and collectibles to preserve space and maximize the view of the works on display.

Make Rooms Brighter with Custom Mirrors

Mirrors enhance natural lighting in a room during the day. In the evening, they give spaces an added glow without the need to install new light fixtures or use extra electricity.

Ideas for using mirrors to enhance lighting:

  • Custom tabletops: Mirrored tabletops amplify the light from table lamps.
  • Wall lighting: Place a mirror behind a beautiful sconce to accentuate it and spread its light. Create a similar illusion by mounting mirrors behind floor lamps and other types of lighting.
  • Large mirrors: Use a couple large mirrors in a room, on different walls, to reflect and increase natural and artificial lighting.

Form and Function

Full-length mirrors aren’t just for department stores. Add one to your entryway, bedroom or closet to get a top-to-bottom view before walking out the door. Glass Doctor of Central Illinois’ custom choices for mirrors includes finishes and frames that coordinate with your home decor.

Custom mirrors and glass pieces allow you to personalize your home, making it feel more comfortable and welcoming. Contact Glass Doctor of Central Illinois at (217) 787-1215 or online to schedule a consultation.