Custom Mirrors

Sarasota's sunny weather is its best feature; as a homeowner, you want to take full advantage of it. At Glass Doctor® of Sarasota, we use custom glass to make the most of your natural lighting. A custom mirror is especially useful for increasing light flow, and it will also allow you to curb energy costs and elevate your indoor style. We offer a variety of finishes and features to make sure every custom mirror is the perfect fit, and we also offer repair and replacement services for your current mirrors and glass surfaces. Schedule a professional consultation to learn more about our custom mirrors and the benefits they provide.

Adding Depth to Small Spaces

Mirrors add the illusion of depth, tricking the eye into seeing more space behind them. Mount a custom mirror on any wall to take advantage of this benefit. In living rooms that lack square footage, a mirror over the fireplace mantle is a great way to prevent a cramped, crowded feeling. In narrow hallways, a floor-to-ceiling mirror will spread more light and appear to double the width of the space. Glass Doctor of Sarasota will even install a mirrored tile backsplash to "open up" the space around your kitchen countertops.

Increasing Light Flow in Dark Rooms

Mirrors reflect sunlight and artificial lighting alike. Our specialists help homeowners combat dark corners and dim rooms with strategically placed mirrors, which bounce light from windows and light fixtures into more parts of the room. Save money on lightbulbs and electricity by adding custom mirrors, rather than doubling up on light fixtures. When we angle a mirror across from a window or mount it behind a lamp, we brighten your home and reduce its carbon footprint. Your small spaces will look more inviting and open with a strategic custom mirror, too.

Enhancing Your Furniture and Decor

Of course, mirrors also reflect all the pieces that make you proud. Your custom couch will get double exposure from custom glass, and your artwork will benefit from mirrored shelves and wall-mounted mirrors that show it off from new angles. Ask us to hang a custom mirror across from your favorite painting. We will also enhance your mirror with a custom frame that matches your other frames and fixtures, allowing it to blend in with your decor and truly complete your space.

Practical Additions

At Glass Doctor of Sarasota, we want every custom installation to elevate your quality of life and impress your guests. Mirrors are full of decorative potential, but they also serve an important practical purpose: helping you get ready every day. We will customize mirrors for your walk-in closet or mount them to the back of your bedroom door, and we also customize framed and frameless bathroom mirrors to fit any style or size. Your guests will also appreciate a large mirror in the guest bathroom and at least one full-length mirror in a hall or bedroom, to check out their outfit before they head out the door.

Superior Glass Service

At Glass Doctor of Sarasota, our glass specialists are always available for in-home design consultations. Call us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about our custom mirrors, including the tints, edges, and frames we offer to complement your home's style.