Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Prince Edward Island take the security of your home or business seriously and bring years of expertise and top notch technology to your doorstep in times when emergency window repair is needed. In an emergency, regaining and retaining the sense of security is our top priority. Our board up service and 24-hour availability are designed to provide comfort to homeowners, and the added benefits of Advance Measurement and Commercial Care add an extra layer of surety to any home or business.

Home Security

Disaster never waits for the most convenient time to strike and can be near impossible to plan for. For this reason, Glass Doctor is available at any hour any day to handle your emergency needs.

Boarding up is not a permanent fix, but it takes time to completely restore or replace a window, and in the meantime, we don’t want a homeowner to be left with an open, unsafe window. In the event of an emergency, the specialists at Glass Doctor of Prince Edward Island will come dispose of any unsafe or broken glass and erect a temporary barrier between you and the outside. This way, you can feel safe and secure from any further disaster while we get to work correcting the issue.

In a situation where emergency window repair is needed, let Glass Doctor of Prince Edward Island put your mind at rest. Our impeccable, friendly service and top of the line technology can have everything right again in record time, at any time of the day. Contact us today and let us know how best to help you!