Advance Measurement System

Protect your commercial interests with professional glass repair and replacements services. Glass Doctor® of Prince Edward Island offers proactive glass care to all residents of Prince Edward Island and nearby areas. Choose our Advance Measurement system to keep your business running smoothly after inclement weather or intrusion damages.

Superior Emergency Glass Repairs

Glass Doctor of Prince Edward Island secures your merchandise with industry-trusted commercial panes. First, glass specialists record all window, door and decor pane measurements and safety requirements. This information, along with the respective, numbered pane locations, provides an easy-to-read diagram to refer to after glass breakage occurs. Use your diagram to report the number of each broken pane. We’ll match the pane numbers to our on-hand supply and arrive for replacement, provided the panes are in stock. This convenient system prevents unsightly board-up, saving you time and hassle on a future repair. Sign up for Advance Measurement and pre-establish payment information to expedite all disaster recovery repairs.

In-Stock Program Options

Have a backup supply of business-specific glass panes ready in a moment’s notice. Our in-stock program secures you a reserve of glass replacements at our location.

Advance Measurement Advantages

  • Liability: Reduce financial risk from potential customer injuries
  • Security: Prevent vandalism and theft
  • Savings: Complete fast, efficient installation in one visit
  • Convenience: Expect uninterrupted business transactions
  • Image: Eliminate unsightly board-up
  • Pre-Established Credit: Minimizes potential billing conflicts

Glass Doctor of Prince Edward Island delivers expert proactive glass care. Call (902) 781-4100 or complete an online order request form to schedule a free consultation. We’ll work closely with property managers or maintenance staff to discuss your individual business needs.