Commercial Door Closer Service

First impressions are always the most important. A customer’s first impression of your business is when the customer walks through the door. Don’t let a door that’s difficult to open sway a customer’s impression of your business to negative. Contact Glass Doctor of Prince Edward Island for a top-notch commercial door closer, which will help customers enter your business with ease.

Commercial door closers ensure the safety of your door, doorframe and everyone who walks through it. These mechanisms will bring an air of sophistication to your business and make it exponentially easier for anyone to pull open your business door.

What is a Door Closer?

A commercial door closer allows customers to open heavy glass doors with ease without having to physically close the door. When the door closer is properly installed it allows the user to feel some resistance as they initially open the door, allowing them to feel the actual weight of the door. After that initial resistance the door smoothly glides open. After the customer walks inside and lets go of the door a spring inside the door closer forces the mechanism’s arm to gently close the heavy door until it returns to the frame. All these steps make the door not slam shut after customers enter.

Variety of Styles

Glass Doctor of Prince Edward Island provides a variety of styles of commercial door closers for you to choose from. Some closers will fit better with your doorframe and room style, and our specialists will help you to make the best decision about which will work best. The variety of styles are:

  • Top Jam: this kind is used frequently for glass storefront doors.
  • Regular Arm: the most power efficient, it is mounted on the exterior of the door.
  • Parallel Arm: this is used frequently in schools because of their inability to be vandalized.
  • Concealed: it is fitted into the door or the doorframe and hidden from sight of customers.
  • Floor-Spring this is concealed and mounted to the floor.
  • Surface-Mounted: This is fitted to the doorframe, usually very cost-effective.

Before making a formal decision regarding which style you want, ask yourself the following questions: Are you retrofitting an old door or replacing your storefront door? What aesthetic are you seeks for your space? What is your price range? How often will the door be used?

The Installation Process

Glass Doctor of Prince Edward Island’s specialist will perform the following steps to install your commercial door closer to your door:

  1. Inspect and measure your storefront door and doorframe.
  2. Identify the right door closer for your door.
  4. Prepare the door and doorframe for installation.
  5. Install necessary hardware to both door and doorframe.
  6. Connect both pieces of the commercial door closer.
  7. Make sure all mechanisms are working properly.

The specialist will take the upmost care to either install a new storefront door with a closer to your building or add a closer to an existing door. They will also do as much as they can to maintain and repair an existing commercial door closer.

Commercial Door Closer Maintenance Services

Glass Doctor of Prince Edward Island’s technicians frequently maintain and repair commercial door closers. Our technicians are experts in their field and have extensive training to install, fix, and replace not only door closers, but also glass repairs, hinges, storefront glass and other hardware. If you door closer is under warranty, don’t accidently void your contract by having an untrained worker attempt repair on it – contact Glass Doctor today!

Why would your Door Closer Need to be Replaced?

There are three main reasons that your commercial door closer will need to be replaced. These reasons are:

  1. Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels: Having broken seals exposes clearance gaps and leave hardware vulnerable to lubricant leaks. These leaks generally indicate mechanical problems with the door closer. These problems can range from broken O-rings and failed seals to a missing screw. It is extremely important to have a professional replace the oil in a door closer because lack of lubrication, or not correctly replacing the oil will lead to the doors opening and closing quickly, possibly leading to an injury.
  2. Incorrect Types of Door Closers: If you have a heavy glass door, a strong door closer with strong springs are required. These springs hold the force and weight of the door and if the door has the wrong type of closer attached to it then a safety risk of misalignment that can damage the closer or the actual door is plausible.
  3. Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers: Door closers that are installed improperly lead to the risk of misalignment and make it significantly more difficult to open and close the door.

The technicians at Glass Doctor of Prince Edward Island are experts in their field and bring the right tools to install and maintain commercial door closers to ensure that:

  • No abnormal or unexpected movements of your door will happen.
  • The door remains in good working conditions.
  • The lifespan of your door closer will be maximized.

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Glass Doctor of Prince Edward Island specialists are at the top of their field and are eager to help with your storefront doors and closers. By installing a door closer your business will be exponentially easier to enter and people’s first impressions will be great! Call us at (902) 781-4100 for a free consultation.