Pinellas County, FL Windshield Services

Don’t brush off that chip or small crack in your car’s windshield as a nuisance—it’s a serious safety hazard. The moment you notice a crack in your windshield, it’s time to call Glass Doctor of Pinellas County and get your car in safe-working condition again.

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Windshield Repair in Clearwater, Florida

No matter your windshield issue—from a small chip to an expanding crack—your local Glass Doctor franchise in Clearwater, Florida, can offer expert service and repair.

Our services include:

Windshield repairs typically involve repairing chips, but we can also inspect for defective seals around the glass.

Chips vs. Cracks

Does a chip in the windshield mean you need to replace the glass entirely? Not necessarily.

A chip in the windshield that’s less than 3/8" in diameter can typically be repaired. The repair needs to be done quickly, though, to prevent that chip from turning into a crack. When a crack starts to form, it’s typically only going to expand and further impact the structural integrity of the windshield. Any chip larger than 3/8" in diameter cannot be repaired, and the windshield will need to be replaced.

While DIY windshield crack repair kits exist, it’s typically best to leave this job to a professional to ensure overall safety. Glass Doctor will clear the chipped area, use a special tool to inject a repair resin, and then cure, buff, and polish the affected area. Once the job is complete, you won’t be able to tell there was a chip there in the first place.

RV Windshield Repair in Clearwater, Florida

Glass Doctor’s repair and replacement services don’t end with standard automobiles and pickup trucks—we can also repair and replace windshields for other types of vehicles, including motorhomes, tractors, and boats. In other words, we can repair the glass on any vehicle to get you back to the fun.

RV owners know Glass Doctor can get the job done typically in under an hour. We’ll even file the insurance paperwork if you opt to file a claim.

Windshield Replacement in Pinellas County

Glass Doctor matches your windshield to the matching size and style of glass that’s standard for your vehicle.

Our team carefully removes the defective windshield, avoiding any damage to your car’s paint job. We then carefully install the new glass and use AGSC-approved adhesive to professionally seal the new windshield.

Many Glass Doctor customers—especially road warriors with longer commutes—opt for our Windshield Protection Plan, which covers unlimited repairs or a single replacement within 12 months of the windshield installation date. We can help you with the pricing of all windshield protection plans.

Mobile Windshield Replacement

We get it—you live a busy lifestyle, which is why we offer a mobile service and will meet in a location that’s most convenient for you. Some customers simply want our mobile repair team to meet at their house, while others opt to have them come to the airport and replace their windshield while they’re away on business or vacation.

We typically prefer to repair windshields in shop. This allows us to ensure a higher quality repair. Mobile windshield replacement services are more widely available.

When you contact us, please have the make, model, and year of your vehicle handy, so we can source a matching OEE windshield.

Find Windshield Services Near Me

Don’t let a chip turn into a crack, or a cracked windshield hinder your vision while driving. In Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, and Largo, Florida, call (727) 498-3877 or request an appointment online to get safely back on the road today.

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