Pet Doors

Integrate beautiful pet doors into your home with the assistance of Glass Doctor®. Our qualified specialists can add, or retrofit, a pet door into existing patio doors, including sliding glass doors. We work with the top pet door manufacturers to ensure your home does not lose its efficiency or safety when we add pet doors to your home.

Whether your pet is large or small, the expertly designed pet doors provided by Glass Doctor are quiet, energy efficient, completely secure, and long lasting. They are available in four basic sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. These doors do not block your door entry and allow the door to open all the way.

The Glass Doctor service professionals will replace one side of your sliding glass door when they install your new pet door. Instead of cutting glass or having to drill or make any adjustments, the doors are specially ordered and customized solely for your needs. The pet doors are made the best materials, including a fusion welded frame and thermal pane safety glass. These doors manage your home’s security by opening, sliding and locking. Plus, they’re energy-efficient and built with insulated glass and a doubled walled flap with a three-sided weather strip to help your home keep in cool air during the summer and warm air in the winter.

Don’t have a standard patio door? Don’t worry! We can fit a variety of door glass and frame types. Our pet doors can be installed in front and back entry doors, interior doors and even patio doors. Just call our experts and we’ll have the installation done in no time.

For perfect pet doors that will complement your home, all while maintaining security and managing energy costs, Call Glass Doctor of Grayslake, IL today. Our helpful glass service professionals will choose the pet door that’s best for your home.