Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Grayslake, IL

Without proactive glass care, the cost of broken glass involves more than price of replacement panes. You must also consider the expenses related to closing the building for repairs and the business you might lose due to the appearance of boarded windows. Glass Doctor® of Grayslake, IL encourages business owners in Lake County and the surrounding area to enroll in the Advanced Measurement system to hasten the glass repair process.

Quick Glass Repairs

The Advance Measurement system begins with a visit to your commercial property to measure and inspect the glass panes. A glass specialist will use the measurements and notes to create a diagram of your building. The numbers on the diagram identify the locations of the glass panes on the property. Keep the diagram with your essential records or the business' emergency disaster plan.

If glass breaks, call Glass Doctor of Grayslake, IL right away and use the diagram to let a specialist know which pane broke. Because we'll already have the respective measurements, repairs will begin right away. For even faster service, establish credit with Glass Doctor of Grayslake, IL during your initial appointment.

Faster Repairs with Our Programs

The fastest glass repair experience comes from participating in the Advance Measurement and In-Stock programs. Perfect for glass that frequently break or would have a great impact to a business if broken, the In-Stock program ensures Glass Doctor of Grayslake, IL has the panes you need readily available when you call about broken glass. Businesses that participate in this program often experience complete glass repairs in a single trip.

Proactive Glass Care Benefits

  • Fast repairs save time and money
  • Quickly restore your property's curb appeal
  • Reduce safety risks to employees and customers
  • Minimize negative impacts to your brand
  • Complement existing disaster preparedness and business continuity plans
  • Reduce business losses associated with broken panes
  • Minimize the property's security risks

Proactive glass care has never been simpler thanks to the Advanced Measurement system from Glass Doctor of Grayslake, IL. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an on-site consultation with a dedicated glass specialist.