Storefront Doors

Your business storefront is responsible for both attracting customers and controlling your operating costs. Its overall appearance and condition conveys subtle clues to prospective buyers about your attention to detail. Moreover, it has a powerful influence on your energy costs, security and operational expenses. Glass Doctor® of Panama City understands that enticing walk-in customers, protecting your property, and controlling your costs rank high among business concerns. We deliver commercial storefront glass care service that reduces your wastes, improves security, and attracts foot traffic towards your business.

Built-in Savings

We conduct commercial storefront glass care service that offers built-in cost reductions. Because unfiltered ultra-violet (UV) light has the power to increase indoor temperatures, while fading fabrics and wood finishes, we offer a variety of cost-saving options for businesses. Applications include:

  • Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass: Specially fabricated to block UV rays, Low-E glass panes prevent the heat transference that increases indoor temperatures, limiting the strain and wear on your climate control systems. Your business uses less energy so that operational expenses are reduced.
  • Glass tinting: Our commercial storefront glass care service includes tinting options that also reduce UV light, protecting your products and diminishing shrinkage costs.

Improved Security

In addition to cost-savings, we provide security enhancements that discourage break-ins and protect your business storefront from weather related damages. Our glass experts install customized specialty glass and security improvements that include:

  • Hurricane and impact resistant glass: Choose rated glass that withstands flying projectiles and hurricane force winds for improved security.
  • Films and laminates: Safety films and laminates limit the dangers associated with broken glass storefronts. Rather than shards, glass breaks into safe, manageable chunks.
  • Hydrophobic Coating applications: Our innovative glass treatment keeps your storefront looking cleaner and newer longer. For use on all silica-based products, the one-time application prevents surfaces scratches and abrasive wearing from salt and other mineral deposits.

Attractive New Looks

Vacationers and locals alike use the appearance of commercial storefronts to make decisions about where to shop. Ideally, your storefront reflects the type of service and products you offer and is your frontline marketing strategy. Whether your demographic is retirees or teenagers, our commercial storefront glass care service includes customizable designs that allow you to create an alluring prospect. Choose from a variety of styles and options, such as:

  • Tailored shapes and divisions: Instead of basic rectangles and squares, choose eye-catching transoms, or create an interesting block-like appearance. We're able to create your storefront to meet your specific requirements.
  • Glass etching: We perform custom glass etching, placing your logo, hours of operation, or website information on your door or storefront glass.

We also offer some discounts and benefits for commercial account holders including professional account set up, priority emergency repair service, and our Advanced Measurement® plan that reduces repair and replacement times, often eliminating board-up procedures. Contact Glass Doctor of Panama City to arrange for your commercial storefront glass care assessment today.