Emergency Business Glass Services

You can’t always control the future, but you can be proactive and plan for worst-case scenarios, like broken storefront glass. Emergency business glass repair isn’t something you should have to think about; it’s something you should put in place. Business owners in Lynn Haven, Youngstown and surrounding Bay County areas depend on Glass Doctor® of Panama City to be onsite, first responders when emergency business glass repair is needed, any time because emergencies don’t always happen during business hours.

Advance Measurement System

The Advance Measurement system was designed for business owners and managers; it’s the proactive plan to ensure great glass care. With this plan, our Glass Doctor of Panama City professionals meet with you for an on-site consultation and review of your glass and mirror doors, walls, windows, interior set-ups and decor. We create a diagram that records the location and specific measurements of every possible repair site, and strive to ensure your glass is in stock and ready for installation. Your pre-established credit, insurance information and contact information go into our files for quicker response and repair. This plan saves you down time during business hours and is the fastest way to handle an emergency glass repair situation. If there is a countywide emergency, companies that have the Advance Measurement system in place are our first priority.

Commercial Care

Upon arrival, we secure your business area by boarding up the damaged glass to prevent additional loss from weather or vandalism. We remove any glass shards and debris from the area to protect pedestrians and employees, and then begin the repair and restoration of your building’s glass. Boarding-up is unsightly and may have negative connotations, but it’s necessary protection. If we have your glass in stock, we can skip the boarding-up phase of emergency glass repair. The Glass Doctor of Panama City Commercial Care program for emergency business glass repair offers:

  • Commercial Care account setup and discounts
  • A glass professional dedicated to your account
  • A higher priority-level response to after-hours emergencies
  • Discounted emergency services and membership pricing

Broken storefront glass jeopardizes your customers’ and employees’ safety; it’s a repair that shouldn’t have to wait until business hours to secure and repair. Operate with a sense of urgency, and be assured that we do too. Call 850-250-3012 or contact Glass Doctor of Panama City today to set up your 24/7 emergency business glass repair plan.