Advance Measurement System

When you own a business, you can’t afford to let a disaster compromise your security or close your doors for days at a time. Panama City businesses are especially vulnerable to hurricanes, tropical storms and other extreme weather, so it’s vital to have a business recovery plan in place to ensure you continue to operate after inclement weather.

Glass Doctor® of Panama City offers an Advance Measurement system that lets you easily incorporate glass repair and replacement in your business recovery plans. Especially when widespread damage occurs and many businesses are struggling to get back on their feet, a proactive glass care plan will help you quickly get back to business as usual.

Our Business Recovery Plan

Survey and Measure

Our specialists will survey your entire facility, measuring all your glass panes. We’ll include all windows, doors and other glass products.

Create a Record and Diagram

We’ll create a record the type of glass needed, noting any safety glass code requirements. Our specialists will draft a diagram of your facility, marking and numbering the location of your glass panes. If you have glass frequently break, we’ll pre-order those panes expediting your repair service.

Establish your Information

If you’d like, we’ll pre-establish your credit and contact information to save valuable time later.

Benefits of Advance Measurement 

  • Immediate response and repair or replacement: Your account will be set up, including contact and credit information, and your diagrams will be kept on file. We won’t have to take measurements or, in most cases, order your glass. 
  • Continued Operation: Advance Measurement will return the status quo of your building, so you reopen faster.
  • Protection against Further Damage: We’ll be able to install your glass quickly, securing your premises against theft, vandalism and weather interruptions. Many customers find this especially important after hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes because additional rain often falls.
  • Safety: Your employees and customers will be protected from injury. When necessary, our team cleans the break site so you won't have to worry about broken shards.
  • Maintaining your Business’ Appearance: A damaged facility presents a poor image to the public. We’ll have your business restored to its normal appearance as soon as possible.

Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Panama City today to create a business recovery plan utilizing our Advance Measurement system.