Double Pane Windows

The double pane windows in your Florida home provide great views and fresh air while cutting the costs of heating and cooling your home due to their great insulating qualities. However, that energy efficiency is severely compromised when a window no longer provides that much-needed insulation.

The window specialists at Glass Doctor® of Panama City understand the various causes of double pane window failures and will expertly diagnose seal malfunctions, cracks or impact damage.

A double pane window, or sealed, integrated glass unit (IGU), is designed to have a long life span. Window failure can be caused by many factors, including frame material and product quality, climate and exposure and a lack of routine care and maintenance. While double pane window replacement should be left to the professionals, several symptoms will alert you to a potential problem.

Cause of Window Failure

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  • Thermal stress cracks: Temperature fluctuations across the surface of glass panes lead to the development of cracks, although this usually happens when part of the window is shaded and another section is in direct sunlight. However, heat will build up where the glass is secured to the window frame.
  • Condensation or fog: One of the most common problems affecting double pane windows is condensation; it usually signals a failed seal. This type of glass seal failure looks like a cloud of moisture that has condensed on one of the inner surfaces of the glass panes in the airspace. It might appear and disappear depending on the outside temperature.
  • Rotted wooden frames: The biggest cause of early failure in wood-framed windows is usually a simple lack of maintenance. When rain hits the glass and runs down between the window and the wood frame, it tends to pool at the bottom of the IGU and rots both the IGU seal and the frame from the inside out.
  • Impact damage: Baseballs, golf balls, tree branches blown and even the occasional hailstorm can cause impact damage to a pane of glass. Once the glass is ruptured, the insulating layer of gas or air between the double panes is gone - cutting the window’s efficiency by half.

At Glass Doctor of Panama City, we appreciate the fact that the double pane windows in your home are your investment in saving energy, money and your home’s overall value. We will replace your window using pane replacement techniques or opt to replace the entire window. As specialists in double pane window services, we respect your investment by expertly installing insulated glass replacements in your existing frames for less money than you think.

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