Auto Glass Care

The glass in your vehicle - whether it’s the windshield, rearview mirror or headlight cover - serves an important role in regards to safety. Whenever it chips or breaks, fixing it keeps you in compliance with local traffic laws and helps ensure the safety of the vehicle’s passengers. Glass Doctor® of Panama City provides residents with comprehensive auto glass repair services that follow Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC). Many repairs take less than 60 minutes to complete and we will gladly work with your schedule.

Windshield Repair

Along with airbags and seatbelts, your windshield makes up an essential component of your vehicle’s safety restraint system. An impact-free windshield increases an automobile’s architectural strength by preventing the roof from collapsing in an accident. A crack or chip in the glass compromises a windshield’s most important function if the vehicle is in a collision or rollover accident: keeping you and your passengers inside. Windshields also ensure that airbags deploy properly.

A crack or chip in a windshield may make the glass more likely to harm the passengers in your vehicle in a collision. When an impact weakens the glass, the force of deploying airbags could cause it to break, making it useless as a protective shield. Because windshields have a vital role in the safety of your vehicle, Glass Doctor of Panama City urges you to promptly repair cracks and chips that you notice.

Our glass specialists follow a repair-first policy. This means that we will always repair cracks and chips when it is a safe option instead of replace the entire windshield. In addition to saving you money, this approach saves you time, as most repairs take one hour or less to complete.

The techniques that we use to repair auto glass restore the clarity of windshields and their structural integrity. When you need a windshield repair, don’t forget to talk to your insurance agent to learn if your auto policy covers its cost. If you have windshield coverage, we will handle the claim for you.

Windshield Replacements

Depending on the age of the impact, its size or location, you may need a windshield replacement. The same is true if the windshield contains tempered glass. When Glass Doctor of Panama City replaces windshields, we take into account the technologies included in auto glass, such as antennas, temperature gauges and humidity sensors. The new windshield that our glass specialists install will protect the electrical systems and match the quality of Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) glass.

Auto Glass Protection

Our windshield replacements come with the Windshield Protection Plan, which covers the auto glass for 12 months. If the windshield gets a crack, chip or break because of a natural road hazard, we’ll repair or replace it free of charge. You only pay for the cost of labor, installation kit, molding and clips..

For an additional cost, you may purchase the Full Service Plan. This plan covers what the Windshield Protection Plan does not—the cost of labor and installation materials. It also comes with a new set of windshield wipers and the Hydrophobic Coating glass treatment, which protects the glass from scratches and stains.

General Auto Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Panama City handles auto glass repairs on almost every type of vehicle. The types of glass that our specialists expertly handle include:

  • Passenger windows
  • Rear windshields
  • Sunroofs
  • Quarter glass
  • Head- and taillight covers
  • Side and rearview mirrors

Auto Glass Repair for Fleets

As a locally owned and operated business, we want to help other businesses in the community. We offer a commercial vehicle program that gives discounts on general auto glass repairs, windshield repairs and windshield replacements. Vehicles in a fleet also receive the Windshield Protection Plan with new windshield installations.

Impacts in your auto glass are more than just cosmetic imperfections. In addition to risking the safety of passengers, cracked or broken glass may earn you a traffic ticket. As soon as you notice a flaw in your vehicle’s glass, contact Glass Doctor of Panama City right away!