Door Closer Repair Service

The outside appearance of your business is as important as your outward appearance. You want to present to your customers an image that is clean, polished, and ready to serve and never run down or outdated. When your entry doors are not working properly or are outmoded or damaged, you are sending a message to your customers that your business is not ready to make customers happy. Let the door closer repair experts at Glass Doctor® of Panama City make sure you are always making a good first impression.

Door Closer Repair

When door closers are not functioning properly, it is more than just an inconvenience; it also presents a danger to customers and employees as they enter and exit the building. A door that closes too quickly or with too much force will lead to injuries or damaged property. Hurt customers are never happy customers.

A door closer that does not pull a door snug to the door frame will not only allow small critters to get inside, but it will also let expensive heated or cooled air escape your building. Don't leave safety and energy expenses to chance. Let the door closer specialists at Glass Doctor of Panama City correct any problems. That way, your doors will work properly and your customers--and bottom line--will be safe.

Door Closer Replacement

In some cases, a door closer is not working properly because it has been installed incorrectly or the wrong type of closer has been chosen for your door. In these cases, your doors could be too difficult to open easily. Or, your door closer could cause damage to the door frame, the door itself, or even the closer. Contact the pros and Glass Doctor of Panama City when you need your door closer replaced with a new or correct model.

Protecting Your Property

Attempting to repair, replace, or install a new door closer yourself might lead to voiding the manufacturer's warranty. Our specialists are highly trained to take care of your door closers. We will also repair frames, glass, hinges, and other damaged or missing hardware. You will get superior service with no fear of voiding any warranties.

Schedule a Consultation

If you're not sure whether a door closer repair or replacement is necessary, schedule an on-site consultation with an expert from Glass Doctor of Panama City. We'll travel to your business and inspect your door, closer, hardware, and other mechanisms and let you know what you need. To learn more about door closer repair or to get your project started, call or schedule an appointment online today!