Windshield Repair and Replacement

Few things are more annoying than an errant rock cracking your windshield. If it’s in your field of vision, this creates a dangerous situation where the damage might spread suddenly and block your view. Whether it spreads or not, a crack compromises your windshield and your vehicle. In case of a rollover accident, the windshield provides support to keep the cabin from caving in and crushing passengers. Glass Doctor® of Oklahoma City has specialists prepared to replace your windshield at a time and place that fits your schedule.

To decide if your best option is windshield repair or replacement, Glass Doctor considers a few factors.

  • Size: Though there are a few exceptions, chips larger than 3/8 inch and cracks more than three inches long generally require windshield replacement.
  • Location: Cracks that have splintered to the edge of the windshield typically require replacement due to their tendency to spread. Chips or cracks directly in your line of vision require replacement as well, as a repair often does not cure clearly, leaving a slight outline in the repair area.
  • Timespan: The longer you leave chips and cracks unaddressed, the more likely dirt will build up making it difficult to perform a successful repair, and requiring a replacement.

Glass Doctor works with all major insurance carriers, handling the insurance filing for you. It is advisable to contact your local agent to verify coverage before having your windshield repaired or replaced.

Don’t let a crack in your windshield threaten the safety of your family. Contact Glass Doctor today. Our auto glass specialists have the skills and experience necessary to determine your windshield replacement and repair needs.

Windshield Repair

Whether you need a windshield replacement for an RV, truck or car, Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City specialists have the inventory and expertise to get the job done. It’s possible you don’t even need a windshield replacement if the crack or chip is small enough. By injecting the chip with a special solution, Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City will restore your windshield to its original clarity. If the chip is bigger than 3/8 inch across or a crack is longer than three inches, it’s probably the right time for a windshield replacement.

Glass Doctor recommends repair over replacement because:

  • Convenience: Glass Doctor specialists typically perform windshield repairs within an hour.
  • Inexpensive: Windshield repair is far more economical than replacing the whole windshield.
  • Insurance Advantages: Because of the economic advantages of repair vs. replacement, many insurance companies will waive your deductible and pay for the windshield repair.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Repairing your windshield keeps your old glass out of a landfill, where it will stay forever.

To properly repair your windshield, Glass Doctor specialists remove debris from the impacted area, sometimes using a drill to create a clean passageway for the repair resin. A special resin is then injected into the damaged area using a tool that attaches to the surface of the glass. After injection, the resin is cured and polished to a clear finish.

Windshield Replacement and Procedures

Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City specialists are trained in the use of materials and procedures approved by the Auto Glass Safety Council. When it comes time for a windshield replacement, the mobile team carefully removes the old windshield to prevent any damage to your car. Then we replace the old glass with a new windshield matching your car’s original equipment. Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City never uses windshields of a lower quality, count on only original equipment manufacturer matching panes. Your windshield provides 60% of the protection in the case of a rollover, so it’s important to use glass built for the job. Once the windshield is replaced, you simply need to wait an hour for the adhesive to set up before driving.

Convenient Appointments

Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City understands it’s a hassle to drive to a shop and then hitch a ride wherever you need to go. That’s why we stock their mobile units with everything they need to make a repair your windshield. Our specialists take care of all the insurance paperwork, so the entire process is convenient for you.

12-month Guarantee with a New Windshield

Once the Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City specialists complete your windshield replacement, we will review our guarantee. All windshield replacements come with the Windshield Protection Plan. This means if your windshield is cracked or broken within 12 months of the original installation, we provide new glass for free! This offer does not include the molding, clips or labor, but you can purchase an upgrade covering installation costs.

Auto Glass Services

Along with taking care to either restore or replace your windshield to original manufacturer specifications, Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City also offers window tinting to keep the harsh sun rays out and the interior cool. Window tint also reduces sun glare, improving your driving experience. Window tinting protects your interior cloth and trim. Without tint, the upholstery will fade over time and the dash is prone to cracking.

Trust our team to make the auto glass improvements you crave. We're happy to accommodate your schedule. Call or contact us online today!