Emergency Business Glass Services

Whether it's the result of an accident, a break-in or an act of vandalism, a broken glass window or door can be a frightening event that endangers your business' security. To reestablish the safety of your business, Glass Doctor® of Oklahoma City offers rapid-response emergency glass service 24/7. Our glass specialists not only board up the windows, but also measure and replace any broken or damaged commercial glass.

The Advance Measurement System

Opting into our Advance Measurement system means Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City is able to respond more swiftly in the event of an emergency. When you sign up, our glass specialists take measurements of all glass in your business, and we take your credit and contact information. In the event of breakage, all you need to do is call Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City and let us know which pane is broken. Our specialists will replace the glass during a single emergency glass service visit, saving you time and money while keeping your business looking its best.

If your business suffers from frequent broken glass, consider joining our in-stock replacement program, as well. We'll keep extra glass on hand that meets your business' requirements. In case of breakage or damage, we'll be able to quickly replace the glass.

The Commercial Care Program

Partner with Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City for the greatest glass care; join our Commercial Care program. This program saves business' time and money, by giving you access to discounted emergency services and glass specialists who work specifically with your business. You receive priority responses, even after hours, and we set up a commercial account with you and give you discounted membership pricing on all glass replacement, repair, upgrades and treatments.

No matter your business or your needs, count on Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City for custom glass and mirror installation, glass replacements, upgrades or remodeling, emergency repairs and more. Contact us today, allow our team to care for your panes!