Door Closer Repair Service

Your store, office or company front door plays a central role in your business, in a symbolic and practical sense, which makes door closer repair a top priority. Your entrance door, an integral part of your storefront, makes you look professional, capable and trustworthy if it is functioning properly and smoothly. With the door closer experts at Glass Doctor® of Oklahoma City at your service, it’s easy to keep your company’s doors in perfect working order.

Expert Door Closer Repair Quickly

A front door that is a struggle to open, makes noise, closes too quickly or has cracked glass makes a bad impression on the public. You are subject to loss with a broken door closer. If a customer or employee is injured by a door, you may have insurance liability. If an improperly functioning door on your property won’t close and lock properly, your inventory could be stolen or damaged. Should any of these annoying door closer problems arise, one call to Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City solves it. What’s more, we always work when it's convenient for you, so that your business activities are never interrupted.

Common Door Closer Problems

Wrong Type and Size

Inexperienced installers sometimes use door closers that are not suited for your particular door size and weight. If your door is heavy and sees frequent use, your door closer mechanism must contain a heavy-duty spring. If your door closer is not up to the task, you will have to replace it much sooner than you otherwise would. Over time, the wrong door closer will damage your door and pose a danger to anyone using it.

Poor Installation & Incorrect Door Closer Adjustment

Even when the proper door closer is selected for your particular door, it won’t perform well if not correctly installed and adjusted to work in your retail store, office or industrial setting. The spring mechanism within your door closer must be properly set for your needs, so that it opens and closes smoothly and predictably, without snapping closed suddenly or sticking when opened.

Lack of Door Closer Maintenance

Like most machinery, your door closer requires lubrication and service to wear-and-tear parts. Door closers may suffer from seal leakage or stripped screws, and O-ring replacement may be necessary over time. Regular professional maintenance will keep your door closer, doors, door frames and locks in good working order and extend their useful lives. In addition, professional maintenance, repairs and installation are normally required to preserve your door closer manufacturer warranty.

Contact Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City when you need expert door closer repair services to keep your property safe, secure and easily accessible.