Custom Mirrors

Infuse the magic of custom mirrors in your decor with Glass Doctor® of Oklahoma City. We offer decades of experience creating unique custom mirrors for clients. Our qualified experts are able to cut and install practically any glass surface or mirror you need. Trust the remarkable custom mirror specialists to transform your home into your very own masterpiece.

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

If you have small rooms and have no budget for a full remodel, custom mirrors may be the ideal solution. By simply reflecting walls, ceiling and natural light from windows, entire hallways and rooms in your home will be opened up through the illusion of space. Elevate your home decor to new heights by using framed and tiled mirrors. These accentuating features are excellent for highlighting the contours and architecture of your home.

  • Custom statement mirrors placed above headboards or fireplaces.
  • Dynamic mirrored walls are excellent for making smaller or cramped hallways seem longer.
  • Unique mirrored backsplashes are the premier solution for creating depth in kitchens.

Breath New Life into Your Art and Home Decor

Make your home's glass decor and existing art the focal point of your home with our uniquely cut custom mirrors. Choose from several frames, finishes, edges and tints to coordinate with your personal style. A few of our most common options are:

  • Well placed hanging mirrors channel natural light to fill rooms with your favorite art pieces.
  • Framed mirrors fit virtually every purpose, especially delivering a splash of glass decor to walls with art or framed photos.
  • Custom mirrored shelves offer a 360°, panoramic view of your existing collectibles, sculptures, art pieces and antiques.

Bolster the Natural Light in Your Home

Diffuse both natural and artificial light in every room of your house with hanging mirrors and mirrored tabletops. If you have a darker room in your home or one without windows, a few meticulously placed mirrors may bring new light to the space. Our interior decorators use custom mirror solutions to harness light, such as:

  • Mounted mirrors work wonders to magnify light from mounted lanterns, desk lamps or other sources of light.
  • One or two bedroom mirrors will effectively harness artificial and natural light as well as add a new level of intimacy to the space.

Mirrors Dressed to Impress

Our mirrors are made to impress and will always leave you looking your best. Whether you want to place a full-length mirror in your entryway, bedrooms or closets, our custom mirrors will give you a top to bottom perspective of your appearance before you leave. We also accentuate our mirrors with a wide array of frames and finishes. Some of our full-length mirror solutions include:

  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors for a full attire perspective.
  • Framed mirrors that offer an excellent splash of sophistication with undeniable functionality.

At Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to choosing the ideal custom mirror. Best of all, we provide in home consultations and will guide you through the entire process. Contact Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City today to get started.