Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

At Glass Doctor® of Ocala, we know that preparation is the key to getting the right look and feel for your bathroom. To ensure the best frameless shower door or tub enclosure is selected, contact a glass specialist for assistance with planning your new installation. Our specialists will walk you through the preparatory process, ultimately guaranteeing your ideal bath or shower. During our in-home consultation, our specialists will:

  • Obtain key measurements of your bathroom, including the dimensions of the bathtub enclosure, shower door and the room. Tub enclosures and shower doors vary from bathroom to bathroom; so exact measurements are essential for a well-fitted door. Perfect measurements ensure a perfect fit and fewer setbacks to your schedule and budget.
  • The ventilation of your bathroom is an important factor to consider for any bathroom. If ventilation is poor, mold will tend to accumulate more readily, and paint will degrade faster. Both of these issues lead to more costs for repair, and a greater need for regular cleaning and upkeep.
  • The choice and location of the shower head will affect the enclosure. Good shower heads will mitigate water damage by aiming the water primarily within the bath or shower area, while old or poorly-made heads will tend to spray water in undesirable location such as the floor or ceiling.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Because of the large number of vendors and models available, we encourage homeowners to visit our Shower Idea Center. Our Shower Idea Center includes:

We offer in-home consultations, so after you visit our Shower Idea Center, contact Glass Doctor of Ocala to plan how to best implement your bathroom renovation.