Advance Measurement System

Broken glass in your business is an emergency. Customers, staff and property become vulnerable immediately. Weather and vandals won't wait to strike. You need repairs done fast. Security will be lacking while you're waiting for permanent repairs. And, of course, your clients and employees won't be thrilled about the mess or discomfort. Let Glass Doctor® of Ocala, FL, take your stress away.

The Glass Doctor Advance Measurement system is a proactive business recovery plan that gets you back in business fast when glass breaks anywhere on your property.

Proactive Glass Care

When your company signs up for the Advance Measurement service with Glass Doctor of Ocala, FL, our specialists pay you a visit to conduct a thorough survey of all your glass. We carefully record details of each piece, taking special note of every panes size, shape and type. We assign every glass piece a number. The numbers are then transposed onto a diagram of your building, which you keep on hand for easy reference when you have an emergency.

Coming to your rescue then becomes a snap for the Glass Doctor of Ocala, FL, crew. Just let us know which pane number is broken, and our team will be on the spot to replace it right away. If we don't have your pane in-stock, we'll board up the space temporarily and return later with the right fit. More often, we're able take care of your entire repair job on our first, and only, trip.

Why You Need a Business Recovery Plan

A broken window is a crisis for your business, and the last challenge you need is a repair job hassle. The Glass Doctor of Ocala, FL, Advance Measurement system sets up a repair plan, so all you have to do is call us about the problem. Once your company's glass needs are in our files, our team will know exactly what to do to get your window repaired fast. This will keep your security risks to a minimum, and help you get back to what your company does best.

As we're setting up your account, we'll pre-establish a line of credit so even the financial aspect of service can be handled efficiently when you call.

How You Can Get It

Signing up for this service from Glass Doctor of Ocala is easier than you might think. All it takes is a phone call. So, don't wait for an emergency. Prepare today and give us a call!