Custom Glass Solutions

Your home is a reflection of your individualism. Each decorating project allows you to express a new level of your style. One material that's often overlooked, yet has a distinctive presence, is glass. It can add a classical elegance and a customized finish to any space.

Glass Doctor® of Ocala is able to provide customers with customizable glass decor services. Our specialists will assist you with projects ranging from glass tabletops and mirrors to doors and windows. Our team takes pride in finishing each project to our customers' satisfaction; we can't wait to work with you!

Utilizing Glass in your Home Decor

Glass is a versatile material, which can add a layer of sophistication to your home. You furniture will benefit from the customizable options the Glass Doctor of Ocala team offers

  • Glass Tabletops: Our specialists can create custom glass tabletops for existing furniture or a new project. Our tabletops can be measured and cut to fit a variety of shapes and sizes. You also are able to choose edge finishes, protective tints or special types of glass. If you have a home with pets or children, tempered and laminated glass are excellent options.
  • Shelves: Bookcases, hutches and display cases can receive a decorative upgrade by adding glass shelves. Ask our specialists to install shelves in new furniture.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors have become a major tool in an interior designer's toolbox. They amplify your space by adding light and helping to create the illusion of depth.

Glass Doctor team members will schedule a professional consultation in your home, and walk you through the options, timeline and process.

Custom Door Solutions 

Your doors can be replaced or restored by a Glass Doctor of Ocala specialist. If your project involves entryway renovations, or sliding or French doors, we are able to customize the design to fit your home.

We partner with numerous vendors so we can offer you a variety of designs, and provide them faster. There are also several insert options available. You are able to choose from glass door and side window solutions that include decorative glass, all weather or hurricane-rated glass that meets or exceeds regulations, energy-efficient glass or double-pane windows equipped with sliding blinds.

Low-E Glass Windows

You can now have an additional layer of protection for your home or office. Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass windows are a reflective glass that prevents sunlight damage. You can protect many interior items from the sun's harmful UV rays, including:

  • Furniture
  • Carpeting/Area Rugs
  • Art
  • Window Treatments

Beyond sun damage, Low-E windows also regulate your home's climate. It allows light inside without heat, which improves your overall efficiency, and saves you on energy costs. Low-E glass uses thin metallic coatings that reduce your visible light transmission. The comfort of your home is improved, as is its value.

Glass Doctor of Ocala is ready to consult on any home decor project you have. Our knowledgeable specialists will work to find the best glass solutions for your home.

Custom Glass Solutions Work

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