Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

When a window in your home breaks or cracks, it causes a whole host of problems for you. In addition to causing an uncomfortable draft, it also creates a safety hazard and provides intruders an easy way to access your home. As the foremost window and glass experts in the Ocala area, our team at Glass Doctor® of Ocala knows the trouble that a damaged window can cause. In order to make sure you won't have to suffer indefinitely with a broken window in your home, we provide 24/7 emergency glass repair services. Our priority is to restore the safety of your home as soon as possible.

24/7 Emergency Repair Service

Our emergency response service is invaluable to residents; nobody wants to have to wait to schedule an appointment for an issue compromising their family's safety immediately. We do not expect you to leave your home open to intruders during the day or sleep soundly through the night when window damage affects your property. Whether it is the weekend, a holiday, the middle of the night or just before dawn, our team of glass specialists is ready and willing to come out and take care of your broken glass. When you contact our emergency glass repair team, the response is always immediate.

Our Emergency Repair Process

Our glass specialists always show up to your home fully equipped to handle any broken glass, no matter how large, small or unique the pane. Regardless of how great the damage is our tried and true process is always the same. Here is what you can expect:

Broken Glass Removal

Our first priority when we arrive is to remove all of the hazardous broken glass that has fallen from your window. We are always thorough when doing this to ensure that nobody is harmed by any stray pieces of glass.

Window Repair or Boarding

If possible, we make the repair during the initial visit. If you require specialty panes we complete a sturdy window board up to restore your home's safety and comfort.

Permanent Repair or Replacement Scheduling

We wouldn't leave you with a boarded up window and no recourse for a more permanent solution. That is why our final step in the emergency home window repair process is to schedule a time to complete a permanent home window repair or replacement.

Professional Repair & Replacement

Whenever possible, our glass specialists will complete an inexpensive window repair for your home. However, this simply isn't always possible, sometimes a window is too badly damaged for any sort of repair.

When a window cannot be repaired, we will provide a full window replacement. In many cases, this actually presents you with an opportunity to upgrade your window to a more durable, aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient solution. After installing a new window for you, we will offer you the option to add our Hydrophobic Coating glass treatment. This powerful solution will protect your window from hard water, pollutants and weathering.

Your Trustworthy Window Repair Team

Do not allow any broken glass continue to compromise the safety, comfort and beauty of your home. Contact our team at Glass Doctor of Ocala today to get an immediate home window repair completed.