Door Closer Repair Service

Provide a proper welcome to your shop with doors that entice customers inside and work smoothly. Glass Doctor® of Ocala installs, repairs and maintains manual door closers. Make your doors easy to open for customers with a new door closer. Keep them swinging freely with our door closer repair and maintenance services.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers provide a mechanical boost to your doors. The mechanism creates a small resistance initially, to give an impression of the weight of the door. The door then evenly swings open as the mechanical piece takes over. Once the person lets go of the door, the spring gently presses the door closed.

Door Closer Repair

Manual door closers are a great addition to any business entrance. Proper installation and repair assure a long life and smooth operation. Some areas to consider when installing a door are:

  • Correct spring size: The spring is critical to your manual door closer. It must be heavy enough for the weight of the door.
  • Proper installation: Using the right hardware and tools assures correct functioning and longer life.
  • Proper adjustment: Properly set internal mechanisms, the right lubricant levels and good alignment keep your door working safely.

Glass Doctor of Ocala specialists are trained to perform door closer repair, so you never forfeit your warranty. We know it's important to your business that your door closer repair plans minimize doorframe damage, eliminate abnormal door movements and rid your entryway of misalignments. We'll quickly identify any issues you might be having, then provide top quality hardware and labor to restore your mechanism.

Symptoms of Door Closer Disrepair

Knowing when to call for door closer repair is important. Watch for doorways that are difficult to lock, leak oil or seem discolored. Locking difficulties often mean it's time for a spring adjustment or an arm alignment. Get these adjustments made as soon as possible to avoid damage to your door frame, closer and locks. Broken O-rings, missing screws or failed seals all contribute to the loss of lubricant. Discoloration indicates lubrication loss in your mechanism. Broken seals also leave critical moving parts of your closer exposed which leads to damage and jams. Lack of lubricant leads to erratic movement in your doors which can cause injury or door damage.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Glass Doctor of Ocala teams are trained in every aspect of door closer repair. We also cover your other needs like door frames, glass, and hardware. Our programs offer you solutions. Our extensive training in repair and installation preserves your warranty and your welcome. Give us a call today at Glass Doctor of Ocala for a consultation on your door closer repair and installation needs.