Storefront Doors

The first impression you make on potential customers should represent your company’s sense of style and business integrity. That’s why your storefront door care is critical; your front doors should be working properly, easily and unmarred by age or cracks. Storefront door care is also an important security measure, and if you suffer from a break-in, your insurance company will want proof you exercised due diligence in keeping storefront windows and doors secure. Glass Doctor® of Novi, MI, can show you how.

Door Closer Repair Service

In addition to the best quality tempered safety glass, which can be made of fire-resistant or bulletproof panes, Glass Doctor® of Novi, MI, will include decorative etchings and logo designs on your glass or mirrored doors. Our storefront door care program is the next step in maintaining customer interest. Our door closer repair service repairs and maintains your entry door. Your storefront door should offer just enough resistance that the client can feel the quality of the glass weight, and then the door should easily slide open. Once your customer is clear of the door, a spring guides the door’s arm, gently, to return the door to the closed position. It’s a small service that is included in our storefront door care maintenance plan, but can make a huge difference in creating goodwill at your front door.

Security Film for Every Day Safety

Glass Doctor® of Novi, MI, will apply security film to reinforce your pane strength. The film comes in a range of colors, so you can choose the style that best suits your building. One benefit of security film is its ability to stop harmful UV rays from entering your building. The harshest UV rays damage carpeting and furniture. Our films block sun glare to reduce computer operators’ eyestrain. When we apply your security film on existing or new windows and doors, it acts as a barrier to vandalism and protects pedestrians and employees from dangerous shards of glass in case of breakage by bonding the glass to the film.

24-Hour Emergency Services

It’s the very nature of an emergency to be inconvenient. If breakage occurs, Glass Doctor® of Novi, MI, sends a team of first responders to secure your area and remove any glass shards or debris. If you’re a member of our Advance Measurement program, we may be able to complete the repair on our first visit, before your doors open for business. If not, we’ll make the repair when it’s convenient for you and your company.

Glass Expertise

Storefront door care is just one of the areas where Glass Doctor® of Novi, MI, supports Novi, Wixom, and other Oakland County area businesses. We have repair and replacement plans that can save your company time and money. For more information, call 248-213-6297 or contact your local glass professionals at Glass Doctor® of Novi, MI.